Rebalancing guild members limit


maybe because for reasons like this there is only 1k ish people playing :wink:

this game has been out at least 4 years already (pc) and our player count has never gone above 2k/3k :wink:


When guilds released i said there shouldnt be a coin requirement. Endeavor only wouldve been a better choice imo. Its easy to get by simply playing the game. Forcing a recurring coin cost makes people consolidate into a few big guilds just for buffs and now we have the problem that we have. Even if the buffs aren’t necessary, most people will make their primary whatever is giving the top buffs.

I still think a better alternative would be buffs are earned through a one time purchase, be it coin or endeavor only, then give them a cooldown to change buffs or let them run indefinitely.

As far as technical limitations just set the max guild member to whatever the game can handle and let people join the guilds they want instead of feeling forced into a big guild just for buffs. Maybe find another coin sink like some sort of cosmetics


I like that idea, I wanted a hard to reach goal for guilds.


Just some things to think about.

If they remove the buffs from guilds, then what happens to all the investment in Helix’s? These become useless expensive machines. So a suggestion on what to do with those is probably needed. They can return the resources but how do they compensate someone that paid coin for them? What could they be repurposed for?

Does using endeavor for buffs versus coin do the same thing? The more people you have in a guild the more endeavor and the higher the buffs so I think this probably creates the same problem with players wanting to be in the largest guild possible to get the buffs.

Not sure and maybe we need to ask the developers, but if what they imagined was a guild that focused on portals and one that focused on running stores and one that focused on farming, then maybe that is why they like the limits. If guilds are for players to join so they can play the game with other players that want to focus on the same things or have similar play styles, then should a guild be able to have half the game population as members? Does this place a lot of power in the hands of the few players that are at the top of the guild hierarchy? It certainly gives them possible access to a lot of coin and resources.


And those are all valid questions. The problem I have with my guild specifically is that I don’t have a way to increase it or bear the weight of the cost in order to increase the cap. Regardless of coin or cash limitations, there are core members of guilds who can and would always front the bill if they had to.


The costs solutions is pretty easy make buffs be the based on a set cost per ALT. So whether you are in a small guild or large one the cost per person is the same. Solves the “I need to join big guild to get the buffs” problem.

Additionally make the machines be a per user option - meaning a person goes up to the machine and activates it for themselves. This solves scenarios where some people want buffs and others in the guild might not. As well as those that can and cannot afford the buff.


I don’t want to be the guy who has to decide who to kick out and who gets to stay. Why not just let everyone be happy.


I am not sure I am totally clear. . so I have 100 characters in my guild. The cost for the best buff is 1000c per character per week for 100 - 125 characters in a guild. So does the “guild” pay the 1000c or the individual character when they go up to the helix to get the buff?

Edit: Sorry Fallon, I tagged the wrong message in my reply


The cost is the same for any character. As an example:

Buff 1 - level 1 = 100c
Buff 1 - level 2 = 200c
Buff 1 - level 3 = 300c
Buff 2 - level 1 = 200c
Buff 2 - level 2 = 300c

Or whatever the developers feel a “buff and its level” should cost for a character. Then everything is normalized across all guilds and that de-links the buff from guild challenge we have as well as the “must be in big guild to afford the buffs” scenario.

As for who pays for it - I don’t care. The guild can pay or characters can pay individually or guild has a fee to cover the cost which the character gives them.

This shifts the overall situation to one where the devs can set what they feel is the cost for these special buffs. Whether you are a guild of 1 or 100000 - it would not matter because everyone could pay for them. The only reason to be in a guild is to maybe get the machines and helix power unless you grind it out as a single player.


OK So that I understand. I would agree that this does eliminate the need to join one of the larger guilds for buffs. I would think the player getting the buff and whomever was paying the coin would have to be at the machine at the same time or the guild could deposit coin in the machine to cover players that wanted to come up and get the buff.

I can still see where a guild with more free coin is more attractive to a new player that wants the buffs. With very little coin, I would probably join a guild that paid for the buffs versus me having to pay for it so it might still favor the larger guilds that might have more free coin to spend.

Does a guild/faction still have to select only three buffs?


@Kal-El and @AmandaPan we can’t be guildies anymore. I have been doing boundless all wrong. I understand that now. I’ve been enlightened and need to go find big buffs in a guild that only does one thing.

(Seriously though, live and let live.)


I am fine making each character have to cover their own costs… Personally I kind of like this because it breaks down another reason for these super guilds.

I don’t know enough why the 3 buff limit was designed that way via the developers. I kind of am fine with people having all the buffs if they want them… I really need more information on why it would be limited.


I like the idea of having to walk up to my guild’s helix machine and give it something to bestow the buff on me. Maybe the guild leaders have to “activate” the machines each week with some amount of coin and endeavor. Once it’s activated, the members walk up to the machine and opt in to whichever strength buff they want by paying their share of the cost.

There’s a lot of perks to the system working like this:

  1. No longer need the 3 buffs per guild restriction; instead it’s 3 guild buffs per player restriction
  2. Really fancy guilds can activate all the machines in the game and let players choose which 3 they want, totally avoiding faction administration around buffs. Let factions be just for permissions.
  3. Low level players can buy strength 1 buffs while higher level players buy the strength 3 version. There is no longer a guild-wide mandate on what strength gets bought
  4. Less stress on the guild cap since it doesn’t act as an automatic multiplier on buff strength
  5. This can’t be understated: this is a mod on the current system! No time machine needed!


Yeah this is kind of what I was getting at by making the buffs being linked to players instead of guilds directly. Guilds are the vehicle to get buffs but you can be a guild of 1 or 10000.

Also things you highlight help increase functionality and options for players. Why should it be a simple this or that type situation. Let people select what they want.


Then what was the reason before guilds were added a few months back?

That was Early Access and PC only, it’s now only officially out since September on PC and PS4


Yup, like this a lot too.

Also makes sure everyone does indeed give their share to get the buff. Not have a few people with lots of coin having to front it all, others with less coin feeling awkward to not be able to help with it, etc., etc.


Isn’t the logical thing to change how the buffs are provided/funded rather than fundamentally altering a system of which most players will bring expectations? No-one is wedded to buff delivery but I’d guess almost everyone except brand new first-MMO players have a set of expectations about guilds. Artificially slicing them up to prevent “cheap” buffs seems a backwards way to mitigate.


Exactly my guild focusses on playing at your own speed
and whenever ya feel like it
kinda the no presure guild maybe
i dont wonna keep myself busy kicking out the inactive
players and backtracking who and where they are


and yet there is still 1k or less players… lol


I don’t care about the guild members limit. We made up what guilds were and defined it for boundless with our discord channels and playstyles. The guild system introduced wasn’t defined by us, so it won’t fit what we made…and how could it? We defined our guilds individually to meet our individual needs.

Since then we have tried to smack, crunch, reshape the guild system into our individually articulated definition of what a guild should be. In doing so, we have obviously encountered issues.

I personally don’t care about the guild cap.

The devs created a system for groups to work and build together. You can align beacons and merge settlements. You can have roles and if you are GC not count toward your lower member cap.

Personally ‘everyone be in every guild’ or many guilds seems like a carry over from discord. Just join all the channels and chat with everyone.

I think it is fair to say that not all 10 alts are in a guild for a guild buff. I think it is fair to be in a single guild. I think a limit makes sense.

I realize feedback is valuable for the devs. I personally , and respectfully, disagree that the cap needs to be increased.

Having big guilds fill up so players will seek other guilds, local to their planet and play with other groups strengthening those groups makes sense to me.

Again, just my 2 cents