reBound: Episode 1 (formerly Oort Night)

Well it has been a while… Time for some Boundless News!


Been waiting for this!
Really fun episode :3

PS: I like how everyone cares so much about the game.


My channel’s grown a fair bit since I list did anything on Oort/Boundless, plus I’ve not put out anything from my main series’ in a little while. People are confused, but they’ll be fine. I’ll be doing more Boundless content in the near future, so they’ll either figure it out or ignore it. No biggie. I play what I find to be fun. :smile:


It’s mind blowing you got 10K subscribers when it feels like you just got 5k yesterday :smiley:

Hell yeah mate, i have been waiting so long for you to start doing thee again xD

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It’s only been 5 minutes.


its months since he did oort night last.


Your back!!!
I love you videos,you completely left Oort online/Boundless. And I don’t even know what to go with myself.! Back as you can see I’m very glad you back,huge fan. Looking forward to your wonderful videos.:sweat_smile::facepunch:t4::+1:t4:

Great job!

awesome vid! i would love to see more!

Nice vídeo. Didnt like that Joke at the end. Its a racist not funny joke IMO

No it’s not, it’s more like a stereotype if not the truth^^

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Oh it is. I didnt like it though

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That’s your right to not like it. I just wanted to point out that it’s not racist.

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Not gonna say you are wrong for disliking it. BUT. as far as im aware it was a reference to the spam mail most of us got ‘‘Put your money on this account and we will triple it in a month’’ ‘‘A Nigerian prince wanted to show his graciousness by giving 1 million dollars to a random westerner, put in your credit card information and get the money now!’’

that type of stuff.

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Well, details matter. I thought it was him saying that nigerians are por. Even if Is the truth its bad to say it on a joke?

No, but then again, for all i care he could say that life is as ruthless and unforgiven as the vikings was, and im Danish, i still wouldnt care. if you havent gotten a spam mail like that, you have either

A) Not used the internet for very long
B) dont sign up do dumb stuff like the rest of us xD

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Ok that would have been the last thing I thought of^^

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Yeah, like @Zouls said, I think it’s more of a reference to the well-known (but obviously not well-known enough :wink: ) email scam.

Edit: references to this scam are found commonly enough in a lot of pop-culture.

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I don’t know if you and @Clexarews are responding me or not xD if so my answer is: maybe xD