Reclaimed Goo Farm - didn't get back my gleam

Normally I’d be like “meh, whatever”…but I paid 20k-40k for single pieces of some of these rare gleam. :anguished::disappointed::worried:

I had over 25 luminous yellow in my farm, for example. Now I only have one in my entire storage (that was in a storage block during reclaim). I put all of my rare gleam in my farm, that I’ve collected since I started playing: red, shadow cerulean, luminous yellow, black, etc. Didn’t get any gleam back from the 3 large sections of my farm.

I took a video right before I reclaimed it bc I was worried something would go wrong.

Which beacon has the reclaim attached to it?

What is that dark bluish gleam color at 21 secs @majorvex

Shadow blue, strong blue, shadow cerulean, strong cobalt…

I didn’t get back any of the growth or sponge I placed either ( if that info helps)