Recover Charackter, Coins, Cubits Parcells

Hello together,
i am very new in this Game.

since two weeks i startet in Arie a whole new game with a new charackter.
i wanted to settle on a new planet and take all my stuff with me.

Unfortunatly a deletet my whole charakter by mistake. All my Coins, all my Stuff, my Machines, everthing is gone! I had over 100 parcells.

i am Very sad about it.

is there a possibility to recover my Charackter or get back my whole stuff?

Please help me! Thank you!

No one there who could advise?
Perhaps the Support Guys or Developers can help?

There’s no possibility to recover stuff on your own and I’m not sure if the developers could help.
BUT if you decide to start over you could basically count on the community to help you out with a set of tools to progress a bit faster. :slight_smile:

You can go to “The Future” for some quick XP gains -> level 24 in no time.
For coins and items, we can help.

ps. Been there… I know how it feels -> I deleted my reclaim by error.


Thank you for you help. But how do i get to Level 24 in no time? it took me about 2 weeks, a lot of Gleam mining and a lot of Hammers :frowning:

Thank you for reply.
I am ashamed to ask for money and tools :frowning:
it feels like to be a baggers :smiley:

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Go to @HOST planet he will help you level
Free teaching pie!

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Actually that’s something that happens every now and then due to people which stopped playing before the reclaim system was added. Back then when people’s beacon fuel ran out they lost all the content of those plots. By now if your fuel runs out you can reclaim all that content in a new beacon of the same character.

Some of those old players return every now and then and get help as well if they ask for it :slight_smile:

Don’t be ashamed haha. We all started in dirt huts.

I have like 20 million coins and nothing to do with it. Take my money! Haha

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if this is no joke i´ll be there in 10 minuten! :smiley:

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I pretty much second this.

Only with more coin @DKPuncherello :rofl:

Definitely won’t be giving you all my coin but can certainly set you up with enough to get to lol 24 in about an hour lol

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certainly! :+1:

NiCe :smiley:
Thank you so much. What´s your planet name? Where can i find you?

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You shall pass the 5 mills To me. I use it wisely.

I could use some to boop

Didn’t you delete all your coin?

I need a portal fueler if you’re interested

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its THE FUTURE and you can find me everywhere lol…depends on where you are if you let me know where you are currently i could guide you

Not rly. I have a house… I need coins. Im a hobo

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