Recruiting Time

So I posted before about a guild idea so I’ve decided to go for it, and here is the official run-down and invitation:

Name: The Order of the Spider*

(*working title, if a better suggestion comes up we will definitely change it)

1 - To create a network of portals chaining every world together
2 - Create a guild set-up that supports helping members focus on the style of play they enjoy the most
3 - Have a fully democratic guild

Not much yet, would like to keep this loose for now and adjustable for the sake of suggestion and to keep it adaptable for when we know
more about in game lore. For now though, I would like the network connecting all worlds to be part of it though.


  • Miners**: This sub-guild is made up of players who wish to mine for materials primarily.
  • Farmers**: This sub-guild is composed of players who will want to farm resources and animals primarily.
  • Crafters**: This sub-guild is home to players who mostly wish to craft items.
  • Builders**: This sub-guild is where those wishing to construct cool buildings and monuments.
  • Merchants***: This sub-guild is for those who are gifted in buying and selling.

(*there will be more than currently listed, the unlisted ones we’ll call tier 1 sub-guilds and will be sort of like Hogwarts houses - once you join the guild you are sorted into one sub-guild. Once we know more whether there will be standard preset character classes such as mage, warrior, thief, etc. the tier 1 sub-guilds will be for each of those. If not it will be based around character races or whatever else would make more sense at the time)

(**These sub-guilds we can call tier 2 sub-guilds. Tier 2 sub-guilds are open for guild members to join, but a guild member can only join one at a time. The way to join is once you are a member of the guild you just go to the respective headquarters or talk to the respective head of the sub-guild and express your desire to join)

(***Merchants are what would be considered a tier 3 sub-guild because entry into this sub-guild will need to be more selective. These members will be entrusted with guild property and other members’ property for the sake of selling and so a system needs to be in place to ensure that these members can be trusted. I have no ideas yet so suggestions for this are welcome)


  • Sub-guilds will have leaders who are nominated and voted on every so often from within the guild and each leader will be able to assign a certain number of admins or moderators (names of all these can be changed to something better later) from within their sub-guilds. The leaders will all collectively make decisions and act as the leaders of the guild.

  • While building styles and locations will be up to guild members to decide and agree on, a colour scheme will be in place cycling through the typical red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and whatnot and attached to each sub-guild (so green for Farmers, purple for Merchants, etc.). Each sub-guild will have a main building on a world that best suits, and both portals and main building will use gleam in their respective colours for ease of identification. Our main guild headquarters will be white/everything.

  • I kind of want the main guild headquarters to be built on the location of wherever our guild happens to kill our first Titan. I just think it would be nice, and would help us focus on progressing and exploring at the start before getting settled in anywhere (except the Builders sub-guild if they so choose haha).

  • The guild will have a points system. The purpose of this is so that guild members won’t have to do anything for the guild if they don’t want to. If somebody joins just to have a group of people to talk to but doesn’t want to build or fight with us then heck ya, come talk.But for everyone who does stuff for the guild they will earn points. I have not ironed out the points system yet but my rough idea is that points are earned by doing things like, if you’re a member of the builders sub-guild, for example, you could sign up to help build something. You’d earn points for contributing to the building process, and for helping build something for the guild, you’d be provided resources from the guild to help you build. Once you earn more points, you can get better tools and gear from the guild and you can keep the resources you
    have been provided. If you work against the guild, steal from the guild, or commit other destructive acts you will lose points, restricting what the guild can provide you, what you can do with and for the guild, and if you lose enough points you will be kicked and banned from the guild. Earning points should be a pretty easy formula for the tier 2 and 3 sub-guilds, and for the tier 1 sub-guilds my thoughts were that people would be able to raid dungeons, do quests, kill protectors, etc. and sign-up to do this for the guild. If they bring spoils back (sweet, sweet loot baby), they would give it to the sub-guild leader and certain items would go to the vault and certain items would be returned. Depending on what was brought back, or what was kept they would earn a certain number of guild points.

  • Each sub-guild will have a vault (storing equipment, items, and other such virtual riches) and a bank. The leaders and admins of the sub-guilds will be in charge of maintaining these as their elected duties. This part seems pretty self explanatory so I’ll leave it at that for now.

  • The network of portals is meant to provide easy access to anything. If you need to go somewhere for a quest, or materials, or anything, our guild will hopefully be the best optimized way for you to get there with ease. I want to provide a guild that will stand strong and give members the ability to maximize their enjoyment while playing this game.

  • Role-play doesn’t have to be a thing, but it can be. Pretty much, it’s up to you, and we can even set up a role-play sub-guild if need be. I want to set up a cohesive guild lore to help out our role-playing members but I want to stress that it’s optional and either one is fine. You can even switch back and forth if you want. The point is to have fun, so just go with whatever will make that happen.

  • While I hope that the finished game can have systems in place to help facilitate things like points systems and multiple factions, I’m not too worried about that since we can create websites and forums and use other tools to organize everything the same. That said it will be a lot of work and right now I am mainly focused on recruiting people who enjoy my idea and would like to help not just be a part but shape and create this as well (though everybody is and shall always be welcome), and who won’t mind helping with the more tedious bits like keeping track of points and members, building a website or setting up twitch streams, or any and all of that sorts of stuff.

  • I am currently rather busy so while I would like to get some sort of webpage/forum space that people can sign up on, it might be a while before I can come up with anything. If you are interested please reply here or message me privately and I’ll try and respond as quickly as possible.


This is cool.


the name sounds a little assassin guild like to me but hey who doesn’t like a good in game assassination hehehehe

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I must say that you have really done awesome job and really thought things through @Larfleece .What I really like is your goal to create network of portals to make traveling easier. This not only makes your guild popular as people will come and go through possible market stalls to use portals, but make area around your guild blooming city centre !

I thought similar thing with people in steam forums last year, November, and by ideas that we gathered there I want to suggest idea of building maybe rentable housing and guild buildings for traveling hunter groups or other guilds, because then you and your guild could get normal and rarer resources without really need to go hunting yourselves.

Hunters that live in guild or near it would also more likely use your guild services and so increase possible income. Second bonus would be that you could externalize defending guild or possible city around it to another guild and you could concentrate fully in your own business and goals. Sooner or later you could have monopoly in certain resources that you produce yourselves and/or your hunter friends bring and your guild could be guild that all other guilds depend.


Thanks @ben! @GodfreyHavok, yeah the name is not set in stone - it’s just the only thing I could come up with at the time.

And @Exsu, I am a huge fan of your idea. If you would be willing to join and help set up inns/rentable housing and toll fees and all that, I would love to have you on board.

More than happy to help you @Larfleece ! Sorry for bad explanation and use of words in my suggestion earlier as I was playing Oort while writing that message so if you got new ideas and inspiration from it, great!

I´m already member of certain guild, but I can easily manage both and help you at the same time unless my guild leader forbid such plans or something would break rules of my guild. So if you´re happy to have me in your team, then I will do my best to make your plans real.

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Absolutely I would love to have you on board and I’m also interested in forming some guild alliances if you want to relay the message with your current guild.