Red bricks

Yea still to far away

look at rocks from grovidias TE

if i remember well it’s called silk cherry

Come to Québec sorissi all Brick

Silk Cherry

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New planets are on their way hopefully the devs pick the palette and add red or dark red.


Although silk cherry looks really close
At least there from the picture.

think the palette is choosed by RNG.

Aye, my understanding is that they created a system that randomly generates planets (though there’s likely some final decision made on what makes it to Live).

If I recall from prior dev posts they created a way to have more say in the color palettes.

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just hope they implement some kind of temporary planet soon that would change every week or something.


Closest brick shop anybody

Here is Silk Cherry used with black and machined iron. Closest to red ive found also.

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it looks like there is a lot of atmospheric colouring going on there… what planet is that on?

In a basement on Sorissi.
only lighting is the red gleam half slotted back around the floor and in chisel work.

oh of course. pink light. totally missed that. :joy:

It was for the romantic feel lol


I think an even cooler suggestion would be to have refined bricks.
I really hate the metamorphic bricks because they look all crumbly.
Having something actually look like IRL bricks, you know, smooth-looking, and with the pattern of ‘one even line, one un-even line’, that would change things up a bunch.

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they used to have a brick that looked like that, it was SO pretty! I hope they bring it back in the form of refined bricks! (meta or sed either way… maybe could have 3 variations of a similar looking brick for some texture variety)

[edit] found a pic :heart_eyes:

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Yea silk cherry just doesn’t do it for me just crossing my fingers for red color on new planet.

And I would greatly appreciate the standard brick pattern be added with a defined mortar line.


That’s warm cherry sedimentary bricks, block-switched to meta bricks with a block changer chisel, works well enough for red bricks. Used those in my shop.

Here’s from the outside, under Sorissi’s sunlight:

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