Redeem greyed out with valid key


I just bought a world, but the redeem function is not wanting me to press the redeem button :slight_smile:
It detected the valid key but buttom is still greyed out.

isn’t redeem just for extending the initial 30 days?

Lots of posts about this in the FAQ. you aren’t supposed to use the redeem button for creating the world, just fuelling an existing one afaik

but the mail you get does tell you to do so…

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exactly. and i cant see any other way to generate the planet :smiley:

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Have a look at the faq posts, something about filling out a form then waiting for it to be created

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i just got back but yeah not entirely sure the FAQ needs a bit of fine tuning for some

Once you’ve completed the form, I think you just wait. @catfud confirm?

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i think you wait for it to be created and then after claim with your key?
to trigger the 30 days of fuel or so…
at least thats the logic i get from it , why else would you get a key O-o

just check sanctum portal on the right and see if you have warp location for your world

or check places>worlds to see if you have your own world added there already

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After the initial purchase you’ll buy fuel to keep it going.
You get keys when you buy fuel to extend it. That’s when you enter it in.

The initial key is automatically applied.

yes correct but the fuel keys or fuel is another option besides purchasing a planet

The planet set-up key (“World Key”) is automatically applied.

alright so the keys given in the mail are not needed

needs to be added to the FAQ

They’re needed, but no one needs to copy them down or manually apply them anywhere. It’s automatic.

well then technically they are not needed… not by the players that purchased the sovereign/creative

Yeah, you don’t need to do anything with them. It’s automatic.


i suppose HOST means that we dont need to see them in the e-mail as it only confuses and suggests it’s gonna be used manually somewhere

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correct sorry exactly this

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Ok sorted out :smiley: