"REDUCE" low level ore from high level planets?

I am in process of compiling a list of my own suggestions for Boundless, which I urge others to do also as I’m sure it can only be beneficial for the devs. As long as they’re realistic - no flying spaceships plz :joy:

Make low level ores (copper, iron) scarse on high level planets:

When you reach “end game” and have an 3x3 AoE hammer, you tend to go mining for gems and hard coal. But when you look in your inventory, you also have stacks of copper and iron, for no reason other than “it was in my path”. So this ore will most likely be thrown into storage, smelted for exp or just sat in a shop stand which will most likely not sell due to the abundance of it due to this reason.

So how about if you wanted iron or copper (for building or selling) you’d have to go to the lower tier planets to do so. Because as a fresh character leveling up you might want to go mining to make some coin or to start compacting iron for a build idea - but your hit with the realisation of "why should I waste my time searching for 100 iron per hour where I could wait and go to higher tier planets and get stacks of it. So…

…the Benefits

  • Increase the value of low tier ores.
  • Increase player interaction. You’ll have more experienced players running into newbies on the low tier planets.
  • Give newer players a better way to make coin.
  • Give a reason for players to visit low level planets other than exploring for exploration sake.
  • Add a new meta to the game where you don’t necessarily need to progress to “end game”, you could very happily build, mine on low tier planets and be making decent coin to buy materials you’d only have access to if you join the end game activities. (I’d personally enjoy never setting foot on a tier 5+ world if I was able to make decent coin/add to economy without doing so (I do enjoy the high tier world’s, but this is hypothetical))
  • This will also give a demand for AoE Iron/Silver/Gold tools

Getting your character to a high enough status to be able to make coin efficiently, get iron/copper/coal efficiently can sometimes feel like you’re being left out of a club you don’t really want to be apart of.

How I Invision it working:
Tier 1: Copper is common.
Tier 2: Copper is common, iron is rare.
Tier 3: Copper is uncommon, iron is common, silver/gold is rare.
Tier 4: Copper is rare, iron is common, silver/gold is uncommon.
Tier 5: Copper is super rare, iron is rare, silver/gold is common, gems are rare.
Tier 6: Gems are more common, silver is less common, iron is rare
Tier 7: you get the idea


This idea of keeping low tier resources on low tier world’s can apply to hunting. I don’t think think people go hunting on tier 5+ planets to get stacks of tallow and blood. I feel like it would be cool if you wanted to get tallow you should have to do some low level hunting / meteors. This would also open up more low level hunts, which more people could take part in. And would also reduce the supply of low level resources which will therefore increase the demand and therefore the price.

Thoughts? I’m open to any and all questions :slightly_smiling_face:


I personally enjoy the iron I get from digging for gems, even if it’s a bit ridiculous just how much I get imo.
I do kinda like the suggestion causing higher level players to go to lower tiers more often, though I have the feeling I’d miss actually digging stuff up while mining, outside of just rock, medium coal, and sapphire/topaz on my usual digs.

Surprising to say, but the iron really would be missed by me quite a bit, since I don’t actually play intensely enough to swap between both gem and iron planets.
Though I also can’t afford to buy forged gear for digging lower planets, if I then want to get myself some iron again, as I feel using my T6-ready tools on a T2 planet would be an excessive money sink. :joy:

The real struggle.


Do you use all the iron you get from mining on high tier world’s?

Also the price of AoE tools for low level planets would be much cheaper, therefore affordable.

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I am not in favor of anything that further reduces the availability of items. In the end even advanced players need or want iron and copper to make other items. If the cannot get them while mining on the higher level planets then they will bring their aoe tools to the lower level planets and be competing directly with the newer players for those resources. Of course with their aoe tools they will be able to make Swiss cheese of the lower tier planets making it even harder for the lower level players to advance.


From what I know, not much forger likes to forge low tier AoE tools. Once I requested for iron AoE, they rejected to do so because it is a waste for them.


That too; Maximum forging efficiency overall is 200%, which gem tools can get with enough coils on.

Forging reagents don’t change cost between the two, I believe.

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I see your point, but is that realistic? How much demand is there for iron/copper? Will it make players want to tear apart a whole planet? Or will they get enough in 30 minutes then move on?

Edit: if you aren’t in favour of reducing any drops in any situation then the game can only get easier for the sake of being easy. If balance requires the ‘nerf’ of something, then it’s what must be done. Like bomb mining, super overpowered and rendered using tools moot. A nerf which had a positive outcome.

I agree with that, but then that brings up a problem with the forging process. I think we can agree that forging low level tools should be a lot easier and not a ‘waste of time/materiels’ compared to gem tools

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I use alot of iron in builds and with the new metal blocks and the need to use iron or copper to make advanced metals the new blocks will probably increase demand for copper and iron.

The games gets easier for who? The players that have already reached level 50+? I do not think you can keep moving the goal post so to speak. If you keep making existing items more challenging or time consuming to get then you hurt the newer players and feed right into the complaints that the game is too grindy. I do not see the comparison between bomb mining being removed and lowering the density of existing materials.

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The ‘easy’ comment was in regards to the general comment you said about nerfing anything is bad (the supply of an item). Sometimes nerfing is required for balance and enjoyment. And my bomb mining comment was to back up my point of sometimes the game needs ‘nerfs’.

Why would changes happen to accommodate the level 50+ players? I can only assume that balance changes are mainly made through the eyes of a new player.

If they game is too easy for high level players and too hard for low level players, that isn’t a good makeup. Making iron/copper more accessible for low level players can only increase the interest for low level players. The point I made is that unless you’re a high level player you feel pretty useless in regards to gathering materials and setting up a shop - because you might as well just rush to 50+ and do everything much much easier. A new player who loves mining won’t open a shop selling their goods as the they won’t make enough coin or be able to get ‘enough’ stock. Because ‘Suzi’ has a 3x3 Diamond hammer and get stacks and stacks of iron passively as they go after Gems.

I’m always in need of copper and iron… please sell to me for abundantly cheap! :smiley:


Yeh but you don’t know anything about Boundless. Maybe once you get settled in a base and hit 100+ hours played, I’ll listen to you :fist_right::boom::fist_left:


I used to view iron and copper as a waste product when I was looking for gems, but now I mine on high tier worlds for iron and copper, and if I happen to get some gems that’s just an added bonus. I use it for building I don’t see the point of it.

Now titanium, what am I supposed to do with this worthless metal? Yeah sure, it’s “rare” but I am well beyond titanium tools at this point in the game, and it isn’t practical to build with since you have to sacrifice your silver and gold just to do anything with it.

Does anybody use titanium…? Unless you want to make power coils or something I just don’t see the point of keeping it.

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I personally wouldn’t mind tiered rarity of metals, but I do also find myself mining copper and iron and all when finding gems or fossils or coal. I guess I’m trying to say I’m kinda indifferent. That said, noobs could possibly benefit, and there’ll always be someone who can forge low level aoe tools for people, even if it’s just me hahaha

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I use titanium tools while building and sell forged titanium tools at low tier farms. Mega brews also use titanium but it’s a pretty small amount. I’m also planning on bringing to market T1 - T7 AoE budget tools so it’s a slight misconception that low tier tools aren’t worth it. But admittedly only part of the T1/T2 tools are titanium so there isn’t that much use for it.

But you can build with it and we have more decorative blocks coming in :thinking:

Perhaps there is an issue with the titanium crafting process? I’m to too familiar with it but I guess you need Silver/Gold to make Titanium Alloy -> Titanium Building Block?

If that is the case then maybe removing the requirement of the silver/gold to make the titanium alloy is a suggestion for the devs? :slight_smile:

@james (I don’t like tagging the devs, my bad)


This remonds me of a post I did ages back in the “What turns you off playing Boundless?” thread.


I think the devs could look at the real metrics and see if it really is a problem. Cause personally I only use just a bit of gold when building, and the only other use for gold/silver I have is titanium. If titanium didn’t require it anymore I’d be throwing gold/silver away :smiley:

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Wow. I thought I was reading my own post when I read that lol, how weird we had the same idea :joy:

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Or you could throw it to your friendly neighbourhood squid. :squid:

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