Reducing the environment map depending on proximity

When I look at a surface of glass panes, like the one below, I can see an HDRI (High-dynamic-range imaging) or environment map, or cubemap, or whatever other similar term Wonderstruck uses (I’m more familiar with the 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 terms ^^).

It’s the fake landscape texture used as reflection of a lot of things since the Farming update, basically.

The problem I’m encountering, in the case above, is that when I get close to my window, I can still see that HDRI map. It’s… not really nice to look at up close and it pretty much reduces the point of having glass panes since I can hardly see outside :

I can see clearly the white roads, but the somewhat darker house is masked by all that pixelated noise of the HDRI.

Could it be possible to make the HDRI less visible the closer you get to transparent things like glass panes (and gleam signs, I guess)?


dang, I couldn’t even tell there was a house there.
was this taken at night or during the day?

I spy with my itty bitty eyes…is that Freddy Krueger in that window!!!

It’s because they’re decorative windows. May need to use regular windows if you want to see out.

I used regular panes and still have issues seeing through. I should post pics.

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Yeah because all glass panes and all reflective surfaces are using the same HDRI, so of course, they’re all going to be affected by this, in some level.

Now those are some beautiful marbles!!! Must visit this shop as soon as I can.

This happens with water, too. I noticed it when I fell in some, when I was swimming to the surface and now I can’t unsee it anymore.

Nice water, nice water, nice water, WEIRD BLOCKY WATER, surface. Agh.