Refined Bob's! Selling refined gleam 0.5c each

Located at:
Iconic Mall
Gyosha Mall
Naughty Mall

Refined Serp Gleam

Come get it marble makers!


Also have a shop at gyosha on 1st Street cubical 10. Currently labeled oortstation just waiting for sign change and will be listed as Refined Bobs as well.

Reduced price refined gleam at 0.5 c each!

If only I knew you would sell cheap marble gleam I would’t have spent an entire day farming that :poop: a few months ago lol.

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Well it’ll be there if ya need it :joy:

Restocked stands, thank you everyone who bought me out. New Refined Bobs location at Naughty Mall!

RESTOCKED!!! Save your hammers :hammer:, Buy from Bob! Thanks all that bought!


I’m disappointed :frowning:

I saw ’ Refined Bob’ and I assumed we would finally see a better, improved, more mature Bob, but nope, same old Bob, sigh