Refined rocks 2c - 1c snowballs


I have a large amount of refined rock on hand.

Today I went around and changed all my refined rock shop stands to 2c per block.

You can reach my shop stands via the “sunken storage” portal in the biitula portal seekers hub, behind the grovidias te portal.

You can come to me from any raxxa network hub or via the DSK pheminorum hub, my portals are all marked “Lantern Gardens” now and there’s a portal marked “Down” on my hub that takes you to the shop.

After someone pointed out my snowball hoard again today I should sell these for 1c as well. If the shop stand is empty let me know.

I’ve been doing some cheap selling/trading and even some giveaways the last week but there’s still probably 300k blocks here.


The surplus colors are sorted into shop stands for 1c

This is:

12412 warm blue sedimentary

28800 dark berry metamorphic

14400 night green metamorphic

12600 warm violet sedimentary

10800 silk turquoise metamorphic

18734 warm viridian igneous

11576 silk berry igneous

12000 cool violet igneous

5400 dark turquoise igneous

3528 dark orange igneous

14400 cool violet metamorphic


144.650 Stone.
Make a bulk Price.








All surplus rock is sold and delivered Thank you Faya who helped me get sorted and then bought the extra.

Shop stands are loaded with 2c refined rocks in many colors.

Snowballs are 1c for the foreseeable future. Ask any time if the stand is empty.