Refined rocks and marble

Hello everyone!

I have a little suggestion to make here. Since there was this change to marble and (mostly) mosaic, refined sedimentary and igneous rocks are barely ever used. So I was thinking that it might be a good idea to make it so that the marble recipes could use any type of refined rocks. Would save players a whole lot of time when we are trying to make a build a certain color, but can only get the rocks as sedimentary or igneous… Either that or maybe we can find a way to change the rocks into another type either in a machine? Idk… Anyway.

I think marble could be made from any type of refined rocks, it would still make sense, I think.

Anyone else feels the same way? I might be just me… Lol


A few people have been asking for that since the the recipe change hit testing. @AeneaGames is one of those people that I can remember asking


Ohh I didn’t know that. So many comments on the update notes, it is often very hard to keep up and read everything lol.

Well, hopefully a new post will give a little more light to this issue and might help the devs see it! :slight_smile:

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Ohh the devs have seen it when I posted it, got a PM from James about it…

ie. not gonna happen at this moment in time since people were already upset about the recipe changes so they didn’t want to make more changes to it…

Crying shame tho :frowning:


Maybe instead we’ll get new deco blocs using the igneous and sedimentary


Ha! That was my reply to James that there better be some cool new blocks that only use sedi or igneus :slight_smile:

No reply to that tho, so who knows!


People were mad about the prestige change that came after the recipe change though, weren’t they? At this point allowing more types of rocks wouldn’t change anything prestige wise and would probably make lots of people happy.

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People will get mad because they wasted hours chiseling one type of stone to the other.

But yeah I think we either need new blocks for the other stones or recipe change to let us use any stone for marble

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I haven’t been very vocal about this for a while but I (and others) have also suggested a type-changing machine of some kind, even one that consumes changing chisels would be better than nothing at times…

Not being able to remember where I’ve posted about it before, otherwise I’d link to it.

And if it matters, I did a lot of type-changing to get Sedimentary based mosaics before the recipe changes and I personally didn’t feel cheated or short-changed for the recipe changes to mosaic.

I was just glad that I could have more choice in the tint, because even if it does involve more machine-based steps, at least it’s something that I can plan a bit for.

It also doesn’t require me to actively hold my mouse down anymore; I can prepare things and go do something else now, instead of spending time actively type-changing (and finding room to do so) for making the mosaic I want in the end.


Like many others I’m sure, I’ve done a lot of grind, in a lot of games, where the grind that I did became obsolete or irrelevant later down the line, especially with the addition of new content. I think Boundless doesn’t really take anything from you when the grind is made easier, like some games do…

I don’t feel I wasted my time making type-changed marble or mosaic from before the changes because it was what I needed at that time and that was the only way for me to get it. Instead of being upset about time I “wasted” I think I prefer to be happy that the game moved on in a positive way.


@james has posted this elsewhere as well.

It seems like a strange take-away from the event to me. I was mildly disappointed at the 20k shadow orbs I had just acquired before the announcement, but mostly it was a bout the nerf to existing blocks, not the recipe change.

The orbs and SEBA still have uses but the thousands and thousands of blocks that got “nerfed” in prestige value felt like a hit. More than the coin involved. Of course that’s just one perspective.

If the concern is that people will feel their time or coin was wasted with a recipe change, doesn’t this present the same issue, for many more block types than just changing one recipe?

In any case I don’t think that either solution (recipe change or changing machine) would cause the sort of uproar that comes when you make a change with a large impact to people’s existing prestige since that’s a big setback on the main “leaderboard” in the game.

However if that’s an issue now the barriers to a changing machine are larger than ever.

Totally agreed.


I just chisel-block changed 1.8k refined sedimentary rocks to make them metamorphic. So I know the grind and the time it takes. And I would be relieved to see a change happening that could make this easier and allowing me to make marble or lots of the beautiful colors available. Still stays that right now refined igneous and sedimentary aren’t used for ANYTHING except making deco rocks and crafting ornate boxes…


I feel your pain ive chiseled 10k sedimentary to meta today for marble. lol. Close to smashing my head through my monitor.


The problem with the marble nerf is that the patch said, “Eff your prestige!” and people took an actual, measurable hard loss.

But people would cheer if a changer machine was added because nothing is lost and moving forward things would be easier. Yes, one person will complain. That’s life, but the net gain would be 99% good.

The marble nerf was 51% good 49% bad because people ate a measurable loss. Still a good change, but truly that should have been the day 1 recipe or maaaybe day 7, not the day 180 recipe.

yea you are a loss if you care about prestige. And maybe if you were a marble seller. Tho I’d argue sales probably increased since prices decreased. But there’s plenty of people who build with marble because of the look not the prestige. I will never understand why people care so much about prestige. Just build with the blocks you like and ignore that number. Not like your build looks better because it has a high prestige. I’ve had builds that look like poop but because I made it out of machined iron or gold it was worth a lot of prestige. Not that it mattered. I built it because I wanted to see what it looked like. No longer there because it looked bad :joy:

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Yeah I understand some people were upset about the prestige drop. I lost around 2-3million myself as most of my settlement was made of marble and a lot of refined gravel, but to me prestige is just a number that doesn’t actually do anything so I wasn’t bothered.

I know with all the new block types and the change to recipes decorative block sales are through the roof for people I know running deco block shops. My only complaint is that I wish I had been more proactive about harvesting my kindling farm in the past, it went untouched for months before the patch and I just crafted and used about 15,000 cement blocks and now I’m out of kindling until I can harvest again, haha.

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Well not just that tho.

Making SEBA wasn’t that easy, if you did it all yourself you had spend a lot of time to make it, mining fossils, etc.

So I very much do remember a lot of people complaining about coin and/or time lost…

And if a block changing machine came around or the recipe for marble is changed to accept all refined rocks then the same people will complain again…


every game should changingto be better and more friendly, its normal that everything can be changed, but why new players need to live in shadows of the past when players had to chisel changing blocks from one type to another? why we have to still hearing how high was their prestige while they using marbles made of SEBA?
come on… you dont want to live in past the next few years complaining and prevent further changes?

i dont care about prestige, not only me i think, and tbh i dont like the prestige system dependent on used blocks…becouse every change in decorative blocks line brings the changing in their values, it should be clear for everyone, but it seems several players are bound to their past…

if they dont like the changes noone forced them to play anymore, please DEVS dont allow their complaints to drown out the voices of reason


IMO if your build is 90% one particular block you’re leaving yourself highly vulnerable to any changes. If you care about prestige, best to use 10+ different block types.

I’ve lost millions of prestige to various changes and I accept it. If you want to stay on top of prestige, you have to keep building and keep up with changes and use varied blocks. I think that’s fair.


I used to want a machined titanium alloy recipe change until I saw what happened with marble lol. Thinking nevermind now. Still happy with the marble recipe change itself, just not the collateral fallout.