Refresher course

So, I’ve been on the road for work for nearly 2 months now and haven’t really been able to play much. Anyone willing to hop on this Saturday or Sunday and give me a refresher course and show me all the new things?

Depending on your timezone, I could probably hop on either one of those days as i dont think im working this weekend (finally!). i have not played in a while myself due to pickaxe speeds…i know, sad reason to take a break from this amazing game… but i would join you if you want?.

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Sure. Sounds good. I’m central time zone and /should/ be home Saturday if things go as plan

Cool. Well im Mountain time zone, so i think you’re an hour ahead of me. I’m pretty sure i can get on Saturday at some point, but if you have Steam, add me. Azmadi is my steam name as well, and if there happens to be more than one, my profile says from Alberta, and my profie pic has part of my face and my half sleeve tattoo exposed.

Azmadi, couldn’t find you on steam