Regen-Farm Shapes

So I’m wondering how important it is for people what shape a regen farm has. Currently doing the first steps of creating a Sedi Farm on my new planet.

So… my question is: You prefer rather perfect rectangular shape or can it be also adapted to get the most out of whatever block type it may is?

  • Perfect rectangle
  • Adapted shape

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Thank You in advance for voting! :blush::smile: That poll will help my studies and influences my upcoming farm(s)


You don’t design the Regen farm…the Regen farm designs you!

I go with the flow of the farm :joy:


I think as long as it is basically squares put together it’s fine


I like having a perfect rectangle to make it easier to have a rythm with the rows, but with something like a sedi farm, I can imagine going with the flow could be a necessary evil. I would still prefer a marked one-regen-bomb area, though.


I would prefer a longer one though
I don’t like regen every five secs


My Regen farms on my new sov look like I was drunk when I made them. And I’m not saying I wasn’t :wink: lol. I firmly believe in going with the flow but in my case I just suck at picking spots.


When i clear out/farm I usually tend to go in straight lines. Up and down.

Mostly because i can do that without paying to much attention. Up, down, up, down…

Also usually do it with a 3x3 tool especially when i have to farm blocks. So tend to go to farms where i can go up and down per row without waisting my 3x3 on air (or waist blocks).

But that is what i do :wink: also don’t go exclusively to preferred farms only :wink:
If i need them blocks i need them regardless of the situation :grin:


Tiny update to my current farm; so what I would come up with, would be kinda like a “d” shape. Yes a small “d”. And yeah unfortunately there’s a cut out in between, z-shaped and 4 plots big :confused: sadly necessary cause of a hole in the floor… those caves giving me a hard time… anyways, the rest is pretty neat. Forgot to count the size plot wise before logging off but one run gives You 10SS Sedi.


My gravel farm is like that, if you all have a problem with it… then dont use it lol thats all i have to say about it.


My sedi farm on Houchous I (Absolute Brick) is SUPA basix innit.

Two down. That’s it.

But I am adding a second prong to it … and / or extension.

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Great farm 100/10



So that’s a compromise between perfect rectangular and adapted. I didn’t add on purpose some plots that would mess with the shape but not being a huge benefit. Therefore added 4x3 plots addition to make up for the cut out in the middle of the main pattern.

Also, thats the color at the moment:

Cold Tan

What do You guys think? I find it a shame to cut out more to get a nicer shape. It would be a big loss. Though I understand that something like that could be annoying while farming. So happily receive your opinions

I suggested cool violet next color change people also put those skills to making a good meta farm I People would love that and then we can vote for colors specifically cool violet

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Colors will change over time. Like I told @Fuzzybear1919 my wishes are also some nice bright and whitish colors like cold berry, luminous taupe but also others and more vibrant colors will be on the list :+1:

As for other farms like meta, I really need to look whats possible on my very limited strata slice patterns. Some spots seem nice and big but turn out bad, like I had already with gravel. Meta is on my list indeed. Wish me luck ^.^

I do mainly because it’ll benefit me
Mainly want meta for the marble

here is my sap farm

and its funny shaped so you can regen 5 trees with 2 bombs


another view

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Thats a very cool setup!