[Regeron Scorn Prime] --[Fierce Blast Exoworld]--

Oh- Oh, the Goo has started fading, the EXO-world is going to fall apart,
you better move on fast Paka :grinning:

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I did not notice any so I just solidified some water and made ice that way for the color.

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Thanks for the reply mate

No problemโ€ฆ this was my leftover list of things I did not find in my exploring. Removed ice from the list because I made some.

- Glacier Stark Orange 137
- Growth Light Red 169
- Tangle Warm Red 79
- Rosetta Nox Tan 94
- Stardrop Pale Berry 133
- Twisted Aloba Cherry 77
- Branch Funnel Dark Mustard 42
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