Reishi Mushroom

Imagine Reishi mushroom growing all over Oort :smiley:

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10/10 we need shrooms. giant shrooms small shrooms and everything inbetween.

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Saptu has bright orange mushrooms.

I don’t think GIANT but BIG. If we go GIANT we will be too much like minecraft and I’m pretty sure the devs want to stay original.

Maybe this?

WOW. that’s a BIG shroom.

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I would love to have tree mushrooms and mushroom trees.

yeah. maybe you could have mushrooms so big you could build cities on them too!

(I mean, not necessarily one mushroom holding the entire city, but maybe just one house each.)

I like the way Reishi grows. It’s so unique. I feel like it could fit in with multiple sizes including the sizes you guys want. I wonder what the devs think :smile: .