Release: 100 - The Grassy Crafting Update

New Features:

  • Added prototype Crafting GUI. This is not the final GUI (we have a much nicer one on the way). Throw in ingredients and discover crafting recipes and the new block types! Press E to open and close the crafting GUI.
  • Added a placeholder tool tip to backpack items.
  • Resized backpack from 4x8 to 5x5 slots.
  • Increased max slot size from 50 to 99.
  • Players now spawn without any items (but infinite blocks are still enabled).
  • Added Door blocks. Doors can be built up to 8 blocks high by stacking Door blocks. Right-click to open a door (this will also open double doors). Hold shift to place blocks on a door panel rather than open the door. The doors are using placeholder art for the moment.
  • Added Slab blocks. Slabs can be placed in either a high or low position (and 2 can be stacked on top of each other).
  • Added Step blocks. When steps are placed they always face towards the player (so the player could walk up them).
  • Added Heal block. If an entity is in contact with a Heal block they will slowly receive health.
  • Added Embers block. If an entity is in contact with a Embers block they will slowly lose health.
  • New block types and removal of old block types which will change the appearance of a few blocks, eg wood, in a few cases.
  • Added an advanced entity lighting option (default on) which will improve the accuracy of lighting on meshes like players/doors/torches as well as ensuring that things like multiple door panels tiled together will be lit smoothly when enabled.
  • Added more dense grass. The draw distance for the grass can be adjusted with a new “Foliage Quality” option (default high).
    • Removed long grass block, with length of grass now controlled by the grass block itself (This means you can place things like torches ‘in’ long grass like with water).
    • Added Grass Seed item type which can be used to add grass to dirt blocks, or increase the height of grass or change its color. Colors of dirt and grass can be freely mixed.
    • Breaking of grass changed so that the long-grass parts of the block will drop seeds based on the height, and breaking of the entire block dropping dirt.


  • Fix filtering in lower-mip levels for rendering, less jaggies and better filtering of further away textures.
  • Fix bug in fall damage calculations that allowed you to not receive any damage in some cases.
  • Fix local lighting looking incorrect sometime, eg Gortnen lamp pyramid.


  • 557180 for Win64 and Mac OSX
  • 559078 for Win32

(Steam -> Library -> Oort Online -> Properties -> Local Files -> Current content BuildID)


I really like how the crafting system feels. It’s really intuitive. :smiley:

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And I would really like to test it :smiley: But I cant even start the Game ^^

I’m already playing - Awesome Update :3

Awesome update. The pink grass in Lepker hates my laptop though!
Really good looking, really bad for my laptop. :sweat_smile:


I also had to switch down to high settings … before my lappy ran on the highest setting … but it still looks marvolous ;D

How to enable this mode ?

Press I to enable infinite blocks. Doesn’t seem to work for plants, trunks, or gleam, however.

Where is everyone? I’m still yet to see another player.

numbers disappear, but infinite doesnt work for me.

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im in hawig, some ppl are on tawas, vekil and selta.

Just realized I have the same issue, I think it might be a bug, reported it to the bug thread.

maybe this patch need to be repaired :stuck_out_tongue: we need to wait

Alas, the Ember and Heal blocks still elude me. Are they craftable or are they naturally spawning?


Staaaaaaaairs! <3

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The infinite blocks cheat was broken. I’ve fixed it now. Working for you guys?


It works now thank you ^^

Loving the new update guys! I’ve already been finding some nifty ways to use doors as railings and help accent windows while I wait for ruchs server to come back up :smile: Now I hate to be THAT GUY, but there’s one thing that I straight up don’t understand about the update… maybe you have a tip?

I’m glad to see we can still press i for infinite blocks (please make a visual indicator when pressing r so I know when it’s on / off XD) but why did you decide to take away player inventory on spawn when all the game is right now is building? It feels like trying to build a sandcastle without sand.
Isn’t there also the possibility of servers slowly losing resources thus making it harder and harder to get into the game and start building? I hope there’s something in place to generate more resources because potentially a whole forest could be cut down for building supplies. All of us are used to it, but new players might be confused when they log in and can’t find anything to build with… maybe I’m just missing something.

Granted, having to gather resources does add a form of gameplay to Oort, but it also means building will be a lot more time consuming than it already was. For someone like me who only has a small window to play from time to time and likes to grapple around a lot regardless of death, you can see my problem :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sure there’s a big picture you aren’t telling us, but it just seems strange to start pushing the game in a survival direction before adding player crafted portals and beacons. This also means that griefing will be a lot more devastating.

I’ll keep playing and recording because I want to support your game! But honestly, I don’t see myself building for very long so long as I have to go out and gather each type of block XD
I barely had time to go mining for the few unique blocks the player didn’t spawn with and the idea of climbing up a cliff to get some wood to make a door and bring it back to my house doesn’t excite me.
In the end I’d consider myself a casual player of Oort. I’m sure this update is very exciting for some of the more dedicated people around here and that’s what counts right? :smile:

-Thanks for the update regardless! I’m really excited about the stairs, slabs and especially the doors :smiley:

Hey @Scythe. The switch was a bit of an experiment, we’re looking at giving some tools again at the least :smile: might be that the game isn’t quite ready to support the bare start state