Release: 101.4 - Hot fix

Release: 101.4 - Hot fix

  • Fix crash at start up due to invalid inventory items.

Note this does not fix the ATI crash at start up issue which we are working on.


does this counts as todays patch?

We’re planning a small feature release for this week also, but it could slip to next week due to all the new bugs we’ve had to fix.


Shame. alright :smiley:

What will be the next thing that you guys are going to fix/make in OO except for the ATI fix?

ATI issue remains the #1 priority fix. Beyond that - we’ll have a little feature update.


Sorry to say that, but I’m still stuck at meshing chunks screen on every server. I haven’t played a long time ago, but when I tried always the same screen waited for me. I reinstalled the game some days ago, but nothing changed :frowning:

I would imagine that you’re hitting a different driver issue. Can you share a gist of your game log?

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sorry for not responding earlier. Here is my link about the log file.