Release: 101 - Bug fixes

Release: 101 - Bug fixes
New Features:

  • Changed “Respawn at Capital” and “Respawn at Home” to “Teleport to Capital” and “Teleport Home” (players no longer lose their items).
  • Fix memory leak causing some crashes.
  • Added more detail to the version string in the options menu.
  • Fix grappling bug when underwater and interacting with doors.

Hooray, thanks dave, and all of wonderstruck.
Teleport is much better :smile:

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If you select teleport home or teleport to capital while having a grappling hook attached, it will still be attached where it was before the teleport and try to pull you back there!

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Is there a time that all servers will be back online after this big fix? I’m looking for Ruchs. Thank you.

We’ve been trying to get all the worlds back everyday. But now the target is Monday.

But don’t worry - everything will come back - nothing is lost - everything is backed up and safe. Phewie.

Thanks. Bug. I’ve logged it.

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