Release: 106.2 - Hot fix

  • Fix for server crash when incorrect ammo type is associated with weapon
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Hot damn. Makes a dragon wanna retire.

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Thanks for the update!

I want to bring up another issue I experienced after patch 106 was applied, though. It seems that a group of players from different servers is located in the same area (same server), the game starts to lag for no apparent reason. I experienced this yesterday when I visited server Ruchs (US West) while I’m playing from EU (Cshrime to be exact).

Also the game starts lagging when you come near a portal (a portal between Ruchs and Lapas servers is an example of that). If you approach the portal while you’re on Ruchs, the game will give you the “Welcome to Lapas” message even though you didn’t yet cross the portal border, and it freezes completely for a couple of minutes after actually crossing the portal edge.

Yea the event horizon on the portal has got a space/time warp thing going on :wink: