Release: 113 - Hot Fix

Addresses a number of bugs reintroduced in last version including:

  • Full screen not working well on DX11
  • Nvida Optimus not using the fast GPU

You rock! Thanks for looking into it.

I ended up manually switching to NVIDIA, which fixed my issues, but man do I appreciate how fast you guys work! Thank you!

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I will check tomorrow if this also fixes my probs with the steam link and playing fullscreen :wink:

Sp, checked the steam link again. The game is still not running in fullscereen (stucked in a single frame as before) when streamed (on my computer at least), but the windowed mode is now made fullscreen by the link itself when used (On my Monitor the game is running in a window, but on the TV it is full and borderless (better then a week ago). But I think that change came from a software update of the link/steam client itself, cuz other games running in windowed mode are also maxed out with a better “border” (none) then before.