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We can’t reproduce the issue. You provide screenshots in one of the older posts showing where you were encountering it. Was it only happening for those doors, or did you experience it with other doors? What are the coordinates for the doors from those screenshots?

I’ve managed to reproduce the door damage issue by jumping when you open the door and then getting trapped on it when it’s open. When you then close the door again, after a second or so, you take damage.

Quite possibly only reproducible when you are physically lower than the bottom of the door (i.e. on a slope, or needing to jump to reach the door)

Sorry I didn’t save it, just tried to reproduce it and can’t.

Will send one next time it happens! Has happened more than once

You can check old crash dumps and see if one was generated around the time the crash occurred.

Thanks for the extra information, we can try giving that a go to see if it happens.

Those doors don’t exist anymore :stuck_out_tongue: I use trapdoors now but have the same impact damage issue.

It’s 100 reproducible by standing in this spot with the door CLOSED, then when you OPEN it, you’ll start the falling animation like in this screenshot:

If you wait long enough, you’ll see the landing animation and get impact damage like so:

You can also CLOSE the door instead of waiting to finish “falling” - same impact damage bug.

I’ve looked i’m afraid but crash dump has been overwritten since :frowning:

Thanks for the screenshots. When the door issue is fixed, the health loss situation should also be fixed alongside it as well.

Crash dumps shouldn’t be overwritten as new ones should be generated for every crash.

Hmm Ok, I’ve just sent the only crash dump in my app data boundless folder but pretty sure it’s a different crash.

If the time of the crash dump doesn’t match the time when you’ve experienced the crash then don’t worry about it. But send us the new crash dump if you do manage to reproduce the issue again.

You can put any item in a plinth if you drag it out of a set of stacked items. Like putting meat with tools in the same selling plinth.

i noticed this too, Any time you have a smart stack, it doesn’t grey out the items in it, just the smart stack, which you can bypass by right clicking, then dragging items out of the smart stack. if you’d like screenshots i can supply

This will help you get your portal facing the right way =)

Also it sounds like they will likely add something to the Portal GUI that achieves this w/o closing and reopening if you can live with it that long ^^

If you can provide screenshots, that would be great.

I put 1 Decorative Metamorphic Rock 2 in, all of the other items that don’t smart stack with it, became grayed out

Then went into my gleam lantern smart stack, with 14 cream gleam lanterns, and 50 yellow, selected the yellow, and put it into the plinth. successfully.

Then i repeated the act with a smart stack of sapphires, leaves, iron grapples, compact soft coal, gem hammers, Slingbow crystals, iron hammers, healing brew, copper chisels, basic torches, stone slingbows, silver hammers, iron shovels, and regular torches.

Then when i went to remove the items after showing them, i could not put them back into the smart stacks, i had to put them into an empty inventory slot, then exit the plinth, and recombine them.

and yes, i am able to succesfully put prices on all of them, and if i do not put prices on all the items nothing can be sold. only the first item shows up on TOP of the plinth, but all are sellable.

screenshots of prices working

screenshot of the plinth showing the first item successfully

Thanks for the screenshots, we have logged a bug.

no prob. excellent games deserve to get better