Release 172: Alts and World Levels!


It’s easy to patch broken code, but it’s hard to patch a broken reputation.


I like this


Does anyone know how much the luck degree affects item drops? As a new player I invested a lot of points in luck because I stupidly didn’t realise it hadn’t been implemented yet am disappointed didn’t want to waste cleanse points.
I won’t be able to play on the most recent update for at least a week but I’m hoping it was all worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


@Smidge as a low level player you won’t have to be worried about your cleansing points, since you earn 1 new cleansing point each level but you can’t have more then 3.
as far as how much luck affects the starter planet I don’t know but will differently test it right away


@Smidge with maxed out luck there is no effect what so ever on the starter planets.
On moon planets with max luck you have 100% to get double of the following:
Small coal
Small fosile
Anciant tech fragment

I recommend getting rid of that luck until you’re at level 15-20


I use most of my cleanse points because I like to test a couple of skills before I decide what I want. Have you had a chance to test ring worlds?
Also, Have you tested any mob drop rate with the luck skill?


I have indeed ^^
with max luck I get:
3x soft coal
2x medium coal
1x hard coal
3x copper
3x iron
2x gold
2x silver
3x small fossil
2x medium fossil
1x large fossil
3x ancient tech fragment
?x ancient tech component
2x titanium
1x gems

will update when i find titanium, hard coal and gems


Brilliant! Good job testing that :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to head over to munteen and start mining. Thankfully the cuttletrunks can’t follow you underground :stuck_out_tongue:


doesn’t seem like any mobs spawn underground, I can’t rule that they won’t follow you though ^^


ohh yea and keep in mind that everything takes twice as long to break on ring worlds


FEEDBACK! I haven’t been able to play in several days, or certainly since 172. But I just logged on and killed a handful of creatures (lvl2 Spitter, lvl 4 Wildstock, lvl 5 Cuttle) with an iron and then a diamond slingbow and OMG IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

For reference: I’m lvl 37, no slingbow mastery, max power, no luck. The creatures took a decent while to kill – maybe 30s to 2 min apiece, including me running around – but dropped a ton of stuff. It felt really good, like I’d really accomplished something. :muscle:

Just started a new character that I intend to spec as a more fightey sort. Yay!

Good work, devs! :heart_eyes:

Edit: I like how the iron bow…projectile thingy… really acts like a “heavy” thing, as befits its name! This whole business of tool types having personalities, almost, is a mechanic I really appreciate.


I know :frowning: thankfully I have the patience to just sit back and mine rocks for hours. Get some Netflix in the background and I’ll be able to stock up for my stonemarket and pick up some decent ore on the way!


I totally agree that they might have made it a tad bit too easy again but it is a lot of fun to go out hunting for the creatures now.


I was a bit disappointed when I bought my combat alt a topaz hammer to help it level - just to discover that it has no benefit over copper. Without mastery it does not hit faster at all - and it does 5 hits instead of 6 hits on copper on Therka.

I understand the need to make more gem tools weak on starting characters. They already deal less damage with them, and don’t have durability points either - can’t they at least keep their speed so they can help us level?


Ok, I thought I was just unlucky when I first started playing, but having mined for two days now…

I can say unkilled stone hammer mining on starter world yields ~ thrice as much copper as soft coal, and roughly twice the amount of iron as soft coal. You can see the math issue there, with 5x Ore to Coal ratio, right?

I followed seams, then dug “one or two blocks past” to find rares/ other seams. This works well, but really for starter players you might want to up soft coal generation? OR cut back on copper, like half? Because dangling fresh carrots is just mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Use compact peat in the furnace or even non-compact… it is ok if you are having issues finding coal.


under 15th level… don’t have those kind of skill points yet…

Not only that, but your suggestion would require spending all your points on Machines etc, below 15?
So only TWO solutions/ways to play?
I can try to find Peat, that is a valid option. Point of debate to you.

Peat, if I had known about it, and didn’t want to be forced to spend my points on machines, is one solution, yes.
I’m just saying more soft coal. One in keeping with real life to some extent.

Looking at my overall posting theme here, what I see is there seems to be way too much focus on later levels… Too much needless stuff in the beginning, like forced point spending(the “core” abilities everyone should get, so they force it) and wooden tools… what a waste of time… Use your Wand to get stone and trunks, make stone tools, those at least sorta make sense… I blame Notch for the wooden tools… hee hee

Even someone who has Never played a survival game or MMO could be walked through that easily enough in 5 minutes.

[EDIT] a dozen edits later…sigh… still not right, but will leave it … [/EDIT]


It believe is intentional to encourage trade. Spawning enough coal so you can smelt everything that drops would devalue coal immensely (and make everything around the same price and abundant). Also, it really isn’t that hard to find coal once you know where to look. Just skip the others ores. Moons are best - I typically get at least a thousand coal per run…

As for compact peat, its much easier to farm than coal in the beginning (this changes with a decent mining setup due to multiple drops per coal seam on moons/rings now). It is worth more spark the medium coal if you can’t compact. It (compact peat, not peat) spawns in the world in shrines. The shrines are under big trees in forest biomes.


AGAIN, I get that you are Higher Level and can do that… IF I put ALL my points into Machines and that ilk at level 16, yes, I can do that…

I am talking about low levels… ever try a stone slingbow on Vulpo since the latest re-Do? :slight_smile:


This really has nothing to do with levels. There are no mobs in caves on moons/rings. Also, you need don’t need machines for my recommendation. Compact peat DROPS in shrines. Multiple coal ores drop in caves on moons/rings - regardless of who you are or how high your level is.

I’m playing with a combat alt at the moment that literally does not have a single point in mining. It still leveled mining and still got hundreds of coal/ore just fine.