Release 172: Alts and World Levels!


It would be nice if repairing machines gave XP.


We’ve made changes to make it easier for casual players to achieve their daily XP requirements. We’ll analyse this and see if we also need to increase the XP rewards for daily and weekly.

The XP earning system is being played without all the features in place. We can look at upping the XP from actions as a temporary measure until the full system is introduced. However, no matter how much we reduce it there will be someone who says it needs to be faster. We’ll be making changes in this area based on the analytics and our own expectations for how long it takes for players to level and reach max level.

Another question, why do you want to reach max level so fast?

Thanks for answering about the plots. We’re going to look and see how people are using their plots in more detail.

Noted! We’re adding an event to award XP for repairing a machine

We’re re-adding the XP reward for finding an undiscovered region


I see that small update brought back the accuracy of the cuttletrunks …

I was totally complacent, didn’t realise there was an update, and a T5 Elemental Cuttletrunk just one-shot me haha :smiley:


Because plots precious plotsessss yessss

(the other solution would be to make plots tradeable, or available by some other means as well as leveling, I suppose!)

Omg yay!!! Thank you you’re my favorite :heart_eyes:

Edit: the new colors for compass icons are so pretty!