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are creatures supposed to be unkillable with a totem? Made a new character, ported to random spot on Berlyn, started hitting wildstock with totem, they took no damage and killed me. Hit 1 at least 10 times, no change.

Creatures have a certain damage resistance, i believe it’s because the totem doesn’t do enough damage to penetrate that.

EDIT: Slingbows of higher quality are needed for quite a few mobs

There is bug with furnace when smelting silver. It says it takes 9 seconds but it takes 10, this creates a graphical bug in the furnace making the time bar go beyond the normal end point.

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Had a bug when crafting several different items in my workbenches and my refinerys. The crafting queue from my workbench carried over to the queue of my refinery. When I walk up to the refinery it says the correct thing that it is making but when I open the machine it says the same queue from the workbench.


Just making sure this bug was mentioned… Switching between Alts causes my hand to hit as if triggered over and over. Once I switch between objects it seems to go away only after I leave the Sanctum and enter the world.

just wonna let you guys now all my previous issues are fixed
after this update im no longer offcenter
like mentioned before

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Ok, I’ve only had three issues so far, and all three seem to be a random issue and re-logging seems to have fixed them. This includes the random falling into the top block of two stacked warp conduit …

Overall this latest patch seems to have addressed the things I didn’t like,
except for doing away with wooden tools, no point, you have an indestructible wand to get stone…
and why not give out all 5 “forced to spend” skills for free just for going into the warp portal?
(and that will spare up points so a newb can get ahead? hee hee)

Had just created a new character. Crashed while opening a portal from Sanctum. See below for the steps I took:

  1. Created new character and chose US West
  2. Pressed E on portal to open it up
  3. Unsuccessful due to slow internet connection (I guess)
  4. Tried reopening the portal (pressing E)
  5. Crashed.

Sniffing through the logs, this line looks fishy:

[2017-08-27 02:31:21]  ERROR  More than one portal with the name: WarpSrc_playerstart

Whole log -

Sent an email for the crash dumps as well.

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Went on to play and found everything a had done in game was gone eg everything I build or placed or places I have mined is all gone although my items and my stats ect are as I left it.

This is probably world regeneration. Did you claim the plots (with beacons) that you expected to remain the same?

yea I did but I had a look and I didn’t fuel it enough so it expired by the time I got back

Left clicks on skills and crafting machines “click through” after this patch (this was not the case before). If the cancel button opens on exactly the same place where the initial button was (screen coordinates) it is cancelled with the same mouse down action.

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Had a xp/character bug last night, sadly I dont have a screenshot.
I got my lvlup from the weekly travel world quest, however I did not get the skillpoints. When getting xp from smelting shortly after I lost the weekly quest xp+more. As a result the weekly xp is lost and the weekly objective progress is reset now.

I can second that. I just got my weekly activity bonus which almost filled up my daily exp bonus.
After walking through a portal I got - xp displayed in the top right.
I cant tell if it took xp away for real but my daily xp bonus got reset completely.

Edit: Now that i think about it. I have got the weekly activity bonus early (at 4/5), just by walking through a portal (to a different world?).

Edit 2: It happend again on my main Character: Got the weekly activity bonus early by walking trough a portal from therka to munteen. Got the exp. Walked trough a other portal, Weekly xp bonus was removed again and weekly state is back to 4/5.
So i didnt gain or loose anything, but its very confusing seeing that you just lost several thousend xp.

Edit 3: This bug might also cause that the daily/weekly feats are not trackable (right click) during this play session.

Total health is not displaying correctly on the Core Attributes page:

Had the lights out bug again. Once a couple of minutes after going through a portal to Nasharil, fixed after a minute or so. I then mined for about twenty minutes before it happened again…

Happened with me just now over a level up.

I switched to my combat alt, got level 14, went to my skills page to finally get mass crafting - but no skill points.

The next time I got XP (whilst crafting something on a crafting table) I lost -2400 xp and was back to level 13 again.

So cuttletrunks seem to be unable to hit players - at all. I killed quite a few the weekend without taking a single shot. Today I started to just stand still instead of trying to dodge - they still miss. I even grappled onto a level 5 one so that I was right in its face and it still missed.

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They only have one eye … they have no depth perception :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had the same thing as well - no need to dodge them at all currently. I generally try and pull a few of them into the fight at the same time now, just to make the target practice more fun


Last night building the new courtyard in @the-moebius expansion I saw the stair bug. Here are some screen shots. Clearly the ability to place a block below stairs was affecting me. I moved the mouse around but all other green outlines showed but that.