Release 178 - Report issues here

We have fixed some issues where players may teleport due to contact with slopes, so when the next update arrives this should hopefully not an issue.

Did you create the shape of the block yourself or was it someone else? As for the issue itself, I had a look at it and sometimes found myself teleporting into the centre after making contact with the affected item. Hopefully the fix mentioned above will also correct this.

Do you have a screenshot of this?

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Not on hand but it can be replicated easily.
I’ll see if I can get some.

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How much hidden loot did you find? :wink:

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Just some sap :frowning:

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I did not create the block nor shape it. It’s not super annoying but glad a fix is coming!

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I can also confirm that this type of chisel grabs and holds you as you run into it at least in this area. It is my area and it was done prior to chisel rework and was not redone.

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Is anybody else not able to play right now because of insane lag?

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I had another dev team member check this out on my behalf (as I don’t have any music on my machine) and the issue didn’t crop up. Does it also occur if you played music before loading the game?

Did you mean to say that the chiselled block grabs and holds you, or is there actually an issue with the chisel itself?

Is it still happening?

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@vdragon The block or corner is the issue, not the chisel. Sorry for the confusion. I saw the post and noticed it was my area so I went to test. If I run into that corner block and try to back up, I am stuck and can’t go back for 2 or so seconds. I didn’t try all 4 corners.

Just to restate the block was made into a corner with the previous chisel set not new.

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Yes Munteen has been very much laggy the last few days. @Selection verified the same experience.


Post your debug information to the topic below:

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My internet speed is at 109 MB download and 10 upload so I don’t think it’s my chunk settings. I’ve never had issues before on my end. this just recently started happening.

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Can you share a screen shot of the Debugging Latency Histogram?

This will show the distribution of latency for ping messages to the current world server.

You could also run a Ping command in a Terminal window alongside the game. This would help determine if the issues is between you and the game server, or just your connection in general.

ping -t

would hit one of the Google DNS servers.


For example, the following capture shows a great connection:

  • 95% of all ping packets are in the range (50ms to 100ms) with 5% in the range (100ms to 150ms)
  • No packets are greater than 150ms.
  • Latency is also quite constant.
  • Game should be smooth with zero rubber banding.

The following capture shows a connection that is more variable and had a few little stalls:

  • 99% of packets are in the range (50ms to 200ms) - good connection.
  • 0.6% of packets are in the range (200ms to 500ms) - still ok and playable.
  • 0.1% of packages (in purple) are greater than 500ms - these would have caused some lag.

Sharing this data will help us understand how your connection is performing.


Is that to say that your colleague was able to a control the music player while boundless has focus? The occurs for me whether or not I have started the music before hand. I am playing windowed mode and I have the same behaviour on my machine and my wife’s. I also saw another player mention the same thing in another post but I’ll have to find it. The only other relevant thing I can think of is that I play in windowed mode.

I’m happy to made a video of the behaviour and post it privately on YouTube if it helps. Would that be useful?

@Havok40k or @james, were your “likes” indications that you have seen the same issue?

Also, the music in boundless is awesome. It’s just that sometimes I want to play to my own beat.

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There is a fix in the next next release (not Testing 179) to help with media buttons:

  • Don’t intercept app command keys to try and fix media keys not working with apps like Spotify.

I sometimes Heart reported issues just to say “thank you” for reporting it.


I liked because I apreciated the formatting and subtle humor of the report


not sure how much this helps but… this is what was going on Sep 28 2017

5pm AU crazy all over the place lag

10pm AU back to normal…

Munteen does this all the time.

Bare in mind Munteen is an EU world. I lag like crazy out on Andoowem (from the UK) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, i made an alt character to test some stuff and i have a bug with the objectives:

i have finished them but i cant complete them, any ideas?

Yeah i know its an EU server its just been doing crazy stuff this last week or so…
200ping is the norm for me, but that 400 ping crazy stuff… know idea whats going on there…

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