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I don’t know if this is just a weird little isolated incident but, I was hunting in Nasharil when I hit a hopper. To prevent it from rolling down the hill I hooked it while it was alive and as soon as it does this occurred. A bean across as war as k would see.

Just happend to me with a stack of compressed coal. Ahrg that hurts. :tired_face:

And the fuel slot was even empty! (But both ingredient slots were occupied.)

@Lynxdragon informed me that all is not lost. Break the furnace and your stuff will drop.

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I have noticed since the new patch a lot more lag when going through portals especially connecting to the EU zone. My tracert is still showing about 150-200ms which was like before but now I get huge lag in the zone. Otherwise have talked about having lag and issues when going through portals. Here are two screen shots during our hunt to show the type of spikes. Again this is new since the patch…

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I’ve been hitting a strange lag (while loading portals and also when away from them).
The “Missing Portal Connection” red text shows upon waiting for most portals to load including the sanctums.
Otherwise in world, I get the “Connection to Server is Unstable” text.

I’ve been on Munteen this week (I’m located in HK). 3-4 days ago, everything was pretty smooth.

Pinging gives me:
bytes=32 time 15ms TTL=47.

Below are my graphs (I hope they’re the right ones):

capped just now:

capped approximately 6 hours ago:

Without turning off the ‘return to sanctum on lag’ popup option, the pop up happens ever 3-5 seconds (I have since turned it off).

If any more info is needed, I’d be glad to share. Thanks guys!

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Now this is absolutely awesome… I have a settlement that spans planets across the known universe. I told you all Eden was the cradle of creation and the center of all… Merlyn’s magic must really be working.

Eden is on Berlyn but registering as a settlement on Munteen VII. :slight_smile:


We haven’t been able to reproduce these issues on our end. Give these another go when the next update is live.

Looking at the screenshot, is that an Iron Long-Range Grapple you have in your right hand?

Feel free to provide more information when the next update is live.

We have fixed an issue where the game would fail to load data, so check this again when the next update goes live to see if it makes a difference.

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