Release 182: Signs and Portals++!

respec is cool,

but would have liked to see a further reduction in costs to skill up in many areas of the tree.


Regarding mobs spawning/despawning. I think I’ve had experiences where I saw multiple mobs on compass (and some where physically seen as well) on different directions but after a few seconds or minute, after focusing on killing one of the mobs, the others somehow just magically despawn when I came back for them no matter how hard I look for them again. I guess that’s just part of the game’s optimization? Regardless, it just feels weird.

Updated OP with details of Release 182.3.



This will shake things up a bit.

(I wonder if i’m still mayor of my home town. :speak_no_evil:)

Therka Market lost 3 mil Prestige. :rofl:
Can’t wait to see how hard Critonia landed, its like 100% gleam.


Critonia dropped 1.2m
Therka Market mayor flipped, too.


my favorites :heart_eyes:




Awesome on the reduced prestige for Gleam

i really hope so… gleam is awesome… but there are plenlty of nice blocks out there too… no need use it as the sole building marital :dizzy_face:



Updated OP to include details of 182.4 bug fix release.


Why? Why would it ever be a good idea to give the user fewer options for optimizing the way their game plays? I was just looking for this option today (brand new player - didn’t play before update) and I couldn’t find it. Assumed it was there, because it should be.

Like adding back in the ability to turn off weather? I hope so.

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Ultimately it’s because the weather will eventually affect game play … such as acid rain, fog, ice storms, pollen, sandstorms, blizzards etc. Certain weather effects will also be restricted to certain biomes, such as a sandstorm in the desert (not yet implemented).

Having the ability to turn the weather off would be like playing a game with an atmospheric dark area and just turning your gamma up to get around it. What would be the point in that?

If there are going to be weather effects that either hurt or hinder me (speed of movement etc), I personally want to be able to see where they are, so I can go into a environmentally hostile area prepared.


Yes, I was looking for where this was mentioned, but I think you covered it @Stretchious . Basically everyone should have the same experience if a feature is going to affect the player like the weather will.


Because they’re gameplay features not purely visual.

If we were to re-introduce a way to reduce the weather effects as part of gameplay then it would be via a permanent skill or temporary buff or forged equipment / wearable buff.


There should still be a way to disable or at least reduce the visual affect for players with lower end systems. Those annoying area notifications that pop up every time you go anywhere a few seconds after you’ve left could contain weather information so that players with it disabled aren’t ‘in the dark’.

Edit: to be clear, what’s annoying about the geographic notifications is their pace - they disappear slowly, block other information on the screen while up (like where a portal goes), and are not at all affected by the appearance of MORE notifications - so you can have 5 of them scrolling past your screen while walking around a portal-heavy area, and it’s more confusing than helpful.


The weather effects aren’t expensive - and assuming you’re running at (or above) min spec then they shouldn’t cause performance issues. The other options make a much bigger effect on frame time.

Agreed - it’s a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.


I do love these notifications though… So keep them!


Could use some tweaking on the logic though :wink:

Fighting mobs on the borderline of a settlement causes it to annoyingly appear multiple times giving me some additional challenges. :smile:

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This game looks so astonishingly good, how close are you to a console release of the game?

Console release will be simultaneous with official pc release. There is no release date yet.


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