Release 182: Signs and Portals++!


I think the result of this is that a torch in hand does not produce the same amount of light it used to. Was the amount of light the torch produces reduced to match one that was placed?


Feels good.


Stuck at work still. Trust that I’d rather be playing and working on my giant totem build wo while crafting some signs in the background.


Think the current value is 1 sec, not 0,1.


Oh, that’s amazing.


Finally I won’t get lost. I often have trouble remembering where was that portal I used to get somewhere.


Saved my day - got to plan out all my chars before i play this time!
Thanks a lot for your work on the site! :sparkling_heart:


No worries and my pleasure :smiley: I’ll get the icons back on there soon!


Yes, the held block lighting was made to be consistent with the in-world block lighting (the reverse isn’t possible, but even if was, it would have made every single build everywhere suddenly change how they look massively, as well as being much more expensive to mesh)


Thank you for larger item icons in storage! :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

However, I’m not sure about recipes tab being the one that opens upon interacting with machines.
When I leave a lot machines working and come back, I usually can’t remember all I ordered and just go from machine to machine checking if there is anything left in output to collect. Interacting with machine was enough, as inventory/storage was the default view opening.
Now, apart from interacting with a machine, I need to switch from recipes to content. So that doubles the job. I find it awkward.


With these little beauties visiting people can know more beforehand and decide easier if they want to proceed beyond certain point.
Especially if there is more to read upon interacting with signs.


![boundless 2017-11-01 03-00-27-93_resultaat|690x474]

on this picture theres like holes in the sign weird :smile:




3 of those 10 were my spark engines. Ouch! Going to have to figure out how to work around this new restriction :confused:


Nice, that will help a lot <3


i have 4 spark cores total from 2 of my builds disappear.
I also noticed that you can connect disconnected spark cores to one network. idk the max, but i have 2 separate spark core groups connected.


I had 3 nodes of 16, now I need to go see how I can reintegrate them into my designs.


Its still a problem, i had to shut down game after chatting with inventory open.


Updated OP with Release 182.1 notes.


Sound Bug

Requirements: 5.1 surround sound

Expected: A tool striking the block from in front of you should continuously sound as though it is coming from in front of you (e.g. front speakers)

Actual: The first strike of a tool plays in front of the user, most subsequent strikes play from behind the user unless the user moves.

Reproduction Easy mode: Set up 5.1 surround sound and disconnect the two back speakers.


Another bug… while mining deep underground, I used my grapple and as I approached the roof, I was just teleported to the surface under lava.