Release 182: Signs and Portals++!


There should still be a way to disable or at least reduce the visual affect for players with lower end systems. Those annoying area notifications that pop up every time you go anywhere a few seconds after you’ve left could contain weather information so that players with it disabled aren’t ‘in the dark’.

Edit: to be clear, what’s annoying about the geographic notifications is their pace - they disappear slowly, block other information on the screen while up (like where a portal goes), and are not at all affected by the appearance of MORE notifications - so you can have 5 of them scrolling past your screen while walking around a portal-heavy area, and it’s more confusing than helpful.


The weather effects aren’t expensive - and assuming you’re running at (or above) min spec then they shouldn’t cause performance issues. The other options make a much bigger effect on frame time.

Agreed - it’s a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.


I do love these notifications though… So keep them!


Could use some tweaking on the logic though :wink:

Fighting mobs on the borderline of a settlement causes it to annoyingly appear multiple times giving me some additional challenges. :smile:


This game looks so astonishingly good, how close are you to a console release of the game?


Console release will be simultaneous with official pc release. There is no release date yet.


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