Release 184: Meteorites and Combat!

The community hunt should be interesting, hope I can make it.

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Points at @dave


Big puddles don’t count


(Has to be more than 2 blocks deep)

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Have just gone through my first meteorite (home planet).
It’s cool.
Got around 8-10 mobs: spitters/wildstock half/half.
Received 4 oort stones and 1 fossil.

Also fought some basic spitters and wildtock to check on the new attacks and it was fun. :sunglasses:
Moving onto Septerfon now to check moon meteorites.

All single play so far.

This is a great addition - both different attacks and behaviors of mobs as well as meteorites.


If Roadrunners are the only live creature that will drop Oort then they should not disappear when they run. Their range to see us is very far so most times you hit them and they then run before you can kill them. So we chase them and never find them. Basically wasting our time.

If we do hit them many times they never die even after many shots only to run away at the end. If they are hurt they should not be able to run as fast or something to ensure our hits actually end in success.

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You can invest in skills that means you get closer without them detecting you. You can also use grapples too


Even without extra skills, I manage to shoot them just before they run away - ruby sling though, so enough range and precision. And not always manage to do that.

With shadow effect on it becomes easy enough I guess then.

I will try to grapple trick but that still does not solve the issue that I raised in that they disappear off the radar.

I am using a ruby sling and yes sometimes I hit them. I should not have to use skill points for a non-balanced creature design. It is counter-intuitive that I should skill up for monsters to ignore me while I am trying to hunt them.

They are rare creatures that you can not easily find. Either way with skill points or not they should not disappear when running and go off the radar to never be found especially if you are going to make them the only creature to drop Oort. They should not have super speed when clearly hurt.

We are being forced into meteors as the only solution for Oort. If you are going to offer it via a live creature then that creature should have a decent chance of success. Right now if things are not exactly perfect in approach the Roadrunner is gone and you lose the chance. That is not balanced.

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I do like the purple inky leaf color decision and that they and fiberous leaves now all stack no matter where they came from.

I can’t wait for this to happen with stone and all the other items that are planet color code dependent.


I nearly jumped of joy to see that color,now its easy to recognize them.

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went hunting with 2players level 50 3meteorites on therka to easy and boring for us

then went to vulpto for 10meteorites with 1player level 50
grabbed red resources while hunting

got 45oortstone both so 2players 90 total 13meteorite 2maxed bowhunters and maxed luck

vulpto was fun for level49 but im like immortal there got maxed regen
maxed agility maxed health

this is my clumsy report
conclusion seems doable to get oort (this means :smile: )

oh please dont tell me its harder at level 1 to do it i belief ya trust me


i have been hunting meteors on andooweem for a few hours and absolutely love this update so far.
the new monster attacks are great! (acsept for the heat seeking cuttlepunk attack which i don’t think can be avoided). it even hit me threw trees.
I found 3 dormant meteors each containing 5 stones. one of them was under a floating island? don’t know how it got there.
fought 3 meteor sites the first two without dieing but was killed twice on the last one. first one had 7 stones 2nd one had 8 and the last one had 10.
sweet job on this update devs :+1:t4:


but my ruby grapple is now a ruby crapple. i need to put points in that!


defenitly needs punch trough it looks cooler
note to @james lol

yeah thanks defs i never hunted did not want to now i cant wait :star_struck:


did one meteorite on munteen with @Cookviper and @KKBell - got 5 oorstones and 3 gems but dont have max luck; cook got 9

we had an awesome experience fighting against this new strong, mighty and elite mobs; bombs are awesome (cant wait to have them as a player if they are anything close to mob bombs its gonna be soo coool)

btw: I like the names instead of level number:
1 - no adjective
2 - stout
3 - strong
4 - mighty
5 - elite

standing ovation for devs for this update - fight is great fun now


My luck is maxed. Got 12 oort plus gems in the teens. Very enjoyable!!


That was a blast. I wish I had more skill points to spend on resistance. Can’t wait to do it again. :grin: