Release 184 - Report issues here


I have 2 now. maybe need more?


Adding spark cores will not fix the wear issue. How much fuel are you putting in and what wear is caused by it? this will help the developers know if it is wearing too fast.


I have 2 spark cores at max condition 8,000 I put in 30 soft coal (compacted) in each one 60 total coal. The spark cores used 17 pieces now condition at -8,000 worn out. thy made 20,400 spark Is that normal? If I want them to use all 60 pieces I have to stay here and repair them or add more spark cores I would need 6 spark cores to use under 60 pieces of compacted soft coal or is the wear less if you use more spark cores or put all the coal in to one core and not split it in half. what is the max you can stack on spark cores .I can check the time it takes to use 17 pieces I did not check that. I check the time it was 18 min so worn out in 18 min for 20,400 spark


What are the models and years of the Mac’s your using?

It looks like some of them, get the Airs, are limited to 1.5GB, which is around the amount the game uses in full screen mode.


imac (27" late 2013)

High Sierra
3.2 Ghz inter core i5
16gb 1600 Mhz DDR3
Nvidia GT 755m 1024 mb,

Macbook Air (13" early 2015)

1.6ghz intel core i5
4gb Mhz DDr3
intel Hd Graphics 6000 1536mb


The wear on sparkcores is indeed way off. I burned about 10 compacted soft coal and that made it go from 0% wear to broken. This is way too fast!


man this happens alot now all over the worlds its the small triangles i think


yep wear is way off. I can only mass craft 1 or 2 times before my crafting table got worn out, I had just repaired it too. What’s the point of having 20 items in the queue if it wears out before then? I think any machine should be able to at least craft a full entire queue of the toughest item to craft (that creates the most amount of wear) at least once.


Yes! that did it. Thank you!


crashed two times trying to buy from shopstand with sign on it reported crashlog


You can’t split stacks when accessing the basket atm.
eg, Got a gem stack, the basket is only buying one kind of gem, and you can’t access the stack to get to the separate gem types, you have to split the stack up before accessing. I’d imagine this more of a pita if you have no space in your inventory.


Thanks for the coordinates. It’s another one of those chiselled block issues, which will be logged into the database.

Could you post a couple of screenshots with the Latency Graph on screen please? One screenshot should show the portal when you have lag and other where you have no lag.

I’ll tag @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss so that they can read the feedback you’ve given here.

What method did you use to assign the item to one of the hands? There are two ways:

  1. You dragged the smart stack of items onto one of the radial display slots.
  2. You right clicked on the smart stack and dragged a single item onto of the radial display slots.

If you used the first method, then the game should switch to the next item. If it was the second method, then game will not switch to the next item in the smart stack.

Ah, you’ve encountered the same issue that @IAintNerdy previously reported here.

Can you confirm that when you pressed E, there was a message appearing on the bottom left of the screen? If so, then this should be working as expected. The other player would have to agree to start a trade and / or friend request process, otherwise you will not see the GUI trading menu.

As for your other comment, if I understand this correctly, it sounds like you were saying that you pressed T and Return, in which case that would end Chat before you’ve had the chance to type anything on screen. If so, then you would need to press T to start the chat. Don’t press Return until you’ve entered a few words on screen.

This isn’t something I’ve seen so far. Could you do the following?

  • Unpin and then pin the objective again.
  • Go through the Crafting Table once more.

Once the Crafting Table has been crafted, share a game log so that we can check if something has gone wrong along the way.

Is the issue here that the creatures are not always landing quickly rather than the distance from the meteorite as you mentioned?

When you discovered this, did you check if the Oort Shards were still in storage?

If anything looks like a definite bug, then yes it should be reported here, although it seems that @james has already moved it here for you. Thanks for the report nonetheless, a bug has been logged.

That’s the same issue that @ctrl-64 previously reported in this topic, although you did provide a screenshot.

Did you report something like this previously? If so, could you link the post here?

If I understand what you’re saying here, can you confirm if what I’ve written below corresponds to your post?

First example:

  • You have 50 grey-coloured Refined Sedimentary Rocks and an additional red-coloured block (although it isn’t clear if you had them in a smart stack or not).
  • The red-coloured rock is the first item in the slot and you placed it down.
  • Then you placed the grey-coloured blocks down (although you didn’t say whether you placed some or all of the grey blocks.
  • When you break the red block, I’m not sure what you meant by “it pops back up as first in hands”.

Second example:

  • Here you’ve stated that both the Gold Precise Bevel Chisel and Silver Precise Silver Chisel were in the same smart stack.
  • I don’t know what you mean by “switch click stuff in my hands”. I guess you meant that you have the radial displays on screen and when you switch to the chisel smart stack, it should always display the first item, which would be the gold chisel instead of the silver chisel?

If the beaconed area here is not a big enough settlement, then it may not show on the compass.

Good spot! We’ll add it to the bug database.

As you know, the machine wear is now displayed as a whole number instead of a percentage. Seeing as there have been a number of posts saying that the machines wear down too quickly, then we will have to look at adjusting the values.

In that case we should have the crash information. Can you also expand on your post to describe in more detail what you were doing at the time?

Are you accessing someone else’s Request Basket and you want to split your own stack of items?


To be honest i really can’t remember now, but ill try recreating the issue in game.


Yes, i can confirm that that is when it happens. It also happens in the trade window.



Not in so many words–I just went back to storage and put them both back where I wanted them to be in the first place. The storage slots were empty, so it couldn’t be used as a duplication exploit.


My mistake, sorry, I notice that “Show Chat Log” was OFF… thats why I couldn’t write messages.
But the question that arises: will this option activate and deactivate the “T” key? I have not tried it yet.


C’ant unpin… what I am doing wrong?


About that skill loss:

I certainly hope I have it back, but I can’t tell as I dont know what was my skill points total before reset (I know I had 9 spare points I hadnt use, but what was the total already spent on kills?)


Issue seems to be two things:

  1. Creatures spawn but then as you run towards them because it is far away they disappear.
  2. Sometimes you run back and forth between the portals and creatures don’t seem to drop. Or if they do it is almost impossible to see or find them.

I’ve only seen this on starter worlds.