Release 186: Surface Resources and Places!


Without meteors on home worlds it will be difficult to make portals to other worlds


That doesnt really make sense… to make a portal to another world, you have to be able to get to the other world in the first place to place the portal conduits on the other side, you get to the other world by warping, and if you can warp to the other world, then you can already hunt on the other world where there are meteorites.


lol i run into questions / concerns like this… A LOT… players seem to forget about warping… or maybe confuse one for the other or in what order they are supposed to achieved =/


Walked through Sanctum portal to my build. In red, on the right hand side of the screen screen: “You hit Open Warp for 400.”



Maybe @Oggieogham meant affording portals as in having easy enough source of oort stones.
Answer would still be the same. It won’t be a problem. You really start building portals when you already build mine and explore other worlds, meaning you are also ready to hunt meteorites and provide fuel. Portals are not meant as low level players means of travel so beginning characters shouldn’t worry about inability to craft and fuel portals early in their progression. Exploration of home worlds is easy on foot and through warps.


I think removing the level 1 meteors from the home world was a mistake. i do think that cuttletrunks should be forbidden from them. A low-level player getting chased down across half the world is no fun – but there’s a sense of accomplishment the first time you solo a meteor full of wildstock and spitters.


It looks like changes were made to footfall? Some beacons say 20 coins per visitor and others say 0 coins per visitor?


On the places-beacons list, why are some yellow and some green?


I belive it’s supposed to represent time fueled… but my lists was a bit of a mess… as some were yellow but had more time than some that were green… however i did have one that was rather low that was red… so maybe it’ll be a bit messed up till they have been all topped off or switched out for new ones :thinking:


Updated OP with an update video from @Jiivita


The information about footfall on the beacons screen looks like it says you don’t get coins from footfall unless a beacon has over 10000 prestige. Is that correct?


On the beacons list I thought the green ones meant someone had visited and left a message in your mailbox…

But maybe that’s just wishful thinking


Updated OP with details of 186.2


That is correct


Updated OP with details of 186.3.


I can’t wait to see bombs in game!


Updated OP with detail of 186.4


Who can! I’m most excited for specials, and forges… And engines… This list is too long now…


My UI in the top right for item pickup, xp, ect no longer workds. I am still able to do everything and i still get everything.


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