Release 188 - Report Happiness Here


Well I am 5 hours in to the new Update and I had to stop to write this because I am so impressed. In a word, wow. Well done devs. I figured you all could use some positive reinforcement because you are headed in the RIGHT direction. I am very very impressed by this update. And a word to those players who were taking a break from the game. Come back! This update rox!

First impressions:
The moment I logged in, my first thought was, wow nice graphics update. The optimization is super. I can finally fun at a 60 fps with no significant drop of rate ever (and this is ultimate everything in 2k) It feels so smooth now.

The planetary rotations and lod look amazing. It really feels like you are in a solar system now.

I love harvesting plants and cooking!!!

Crafting got even better!

Textures are crisp!

No more rubberbanding on ping loss for me!!!

Atlases are fun to craft and use. *(only down side here is that allowing players to purchase completed atlases in the economy is almost like activating a cheat code, too OP)

I can send private messages (whispers)! Thank you thank you thank you.

Gatherers are relevant again/ hunters are not so OP.

I am sure I have forgotten some brags. But I just had to come post right quick. I am so excited. This game is only getting better and your dev think tanks are working! Keep up the good work. This game is going to break records!


My happy moment was smacking every surface resource in sight. Ooh flower, ooh rock shard, ooh mushroom. I ping ponged like this for awhile until I looked up and realized I was lost and didn’t recognize where I was because I was just so intent on gathering. Ooh and then I saw the new water and lava textures!!! I love them! I haven’t even started crafting new stuff yet. I’m sure I will have a lot more to admire tomorrow.


Therefore I report Happiness :sunglasses:


Loving it. Loads to absorb, and at first it seemed a bit overwhelming - but once I started to understand the way the dynamics have changed, the depth is great.


Well said that man, good job Boundless devs and co :+1::grin:


to fuel beacons efficiently you need hunters


The update is incredible! SO MUCH CONTENT!! Thank you for taking the time to lay the groundwork properly before hand instead of doing what some other games do and just dropping broken content into a broken game.

The update really helped round out the game game in so many ways. I have been worried about the new hunger and stamina system, but I think it really helps balance things a TON! I am also really glad that hunger only decreases when doing activities that decrease energy. It would be really annoying if it constantly decreased.

I played for hours yesterday and I feel like I have only scratched the surface with everything! This game is feeling more and more boundless with each new update! Thanks devs for all your hard work!


Are you offering a rebutte? Because I dont that that really refutes my point.

Every class needs to feel important and useful. What I was saying is that there is balance. To my point. I went on my first hunt this last weekend. I am so glad it was nerfed. That would have ruined the game. 400 hours of mining and gathering for me was easily outdone by 2 hours of a group hunt. That is the definition of OP. So thank you devs for fixing that.


/not gonna lie had to look this up :slight_smile:
by no means was I trying to counter act your argument.


Ahahha you and me both


Can’t tell how much I love this!
Now that I can configure Portals to render the same quality as the game world, portal travel is finally truly seamless.
No more blurry view, no more details and shadows popping in only after going through the portal.

Personally I prefer one portal to be rendered in it’s full glory then seeing multiple at once.
But its great to have the choice!


I’ve just noticed that you can see any sales you’ve made on a trading basket just by looking at it!

That is a huge quality of life improvement for folks with bigger shops. Thank you!!


The Dev’s came and looked upon the planets, and saw, “It is Good”


Lots of new stuff to play with! Even though I am feeling a bit lost with allllll the new recipes, its fun to explore new things, thanks devs!