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OK I understand that. So my understanding is using a door does not eliminate light from coming into a room. . actually using two doors does not eliminate light from coming into a room. So you cannot make a room dark merely by using a door. I understand but wish a door stopped light, I will put that in suggestions.


Yeah this would be good. I had to use a two turn tunnel inside the building to eliminate light.


I added this to suggestions since they said it is not a bug. I can see where they are coming from, but would like to see it changed if possible. When open act like glass and when closed act like a solid block. The issue might be determining open and closed. Not having access to the code, I am not sure what is and is not possible.


When i escape out of skillscreen, after confirmed the skillchanges.





yes it is. it was happening anywhere in the lake. I went back and took some pics. It only seems to happen when you walk in to the water not jump in.

im trying to get on the surface to get air and cant. It is happening in any lake here out side of the portal seekers hub in the lake it happened to.ok its any water I just did on solum to by just walking in to the water.tryed my mane and my alt same thing.


Yes I almost certain that I logged out a few times in that center area where there was plenty of space and ended up on the roof of the building above… But I do think probably most were in the tighter areas where the spark cord… so 3 blocks could have been where I logged.

Can you please, though, get from development the EXACT height that must be clear that your character is standing in for you to not spawn up. Is it 3, 4, or 5? Also is there a requirement left and right?

If I knew the exact space required around me to stop the surface spawn then I can make sure to test better. Thanks.

This was a brand new from scratch character on a different steam account on live servers (the character at the top of your list). Additionally it was the FIRST time I added another friend from an account. When I went to add the other alts to this character their names showed fine. I did not find another person and try to add them.

It only happened once because I cannot delete the original character since you all removed those options (I guess you need an alt before you can delete a character. Also there is no way to select the ability to literally just reset your character to level 0… (that would be nice if people wanted to start over).

Considering the friends bug with Steam user names and the variable that shows in the list $STEAM versus the name, it might have been related to that.


Thanks for the update, I’ll add this to the bug database, as it also applies to any forge effect that give extra durability.

What do you mean?

So this was originally mentioned by @Heureka in post 191. What’s happening here is that it’s not doing a “swap”. it’s actually packing the 2 items into the destination e.g. moving 1 from the 100 stack onto the 99 stack - this just looks like it’s done a swap. We could make improvements to this, as we have added this to the database.

There’s definitely some issue with swimming, so a bug has been added to the database

I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far. If you can add screenshots and / or video that show this occurring. I can add it to the bug database for someone to look at.

I’ll add a note to the database.

The warp in the sanctum is 2x3, so if the area you’re going to is smaller than that, then the game forces the character to go elsewhere. So those tight spaces might have a bearing on the issue, but it shouldn’t teleport you to the surface if some of those areas are at least 2x3 or a little bit more than that.

Some of the players have previously reported issues with adding Steam friends, so it may well be related to this.

What are the coordinates of the locations of where this is occurring for both of the videos that you have submitted?


Yes, i got that on Therka to, just snapping a little air and sinking again when try to swim.


I noticed in my ice-slide at my base, when the slide turns and i hit the wall i get stuck.
Walk forward let me continue down.
It did not pre-195.


Before the update I would camp the meteorites until they went dormant to get rough oort. Now I can’t do that and have only been able to keep my 4 portals open because of the new reward system giving me a bunch of coins.


The location of the lava obelisk is in PixelGate on Solum in front of the debug coordinates -467, 114, 1708.


Crazygirlclub, I think. On Discord.


Since the hotfix:

  • H doesn’t open character sheet
  • Open Settings to check assigned key
  • Note “Settings” doesn’t have a key assigned
  • Misremember what Settings is and assign Esc key
  • Game crash

I submitted the log on restart.


The controlls changed a bit.
M is view
O is character
But the crash is a bug


I can reproduce graphics tearing that lets you see through walls (2 blocks thick IIRC in this case) since the update. If I strafe round a corner quickly, as the near wall slides out of view, the far wall will tear and show the landscape beyond. It only does it whilst moving else I’d screenshot it.


Thanks! Yeah I saw that my original intent was wrong but noted the bug along the way :slight_smile:


Is there a specific world and coords you see this at?
Also whats your approximate fps are you getting when you see that?


Yep, in my workshop on Munteen. Specific coords are 1507N -172E 119A. Face South. Look at the red wall in front and the distant wall behind, strafe right. The wall tears. In fact I can do it on more walls in that same building now too, it’ll affect the wall to the West if you adjust your angle.

FPS is hovering around 28-30. Doesn’t drop when strafing to force the effect.


It appears to have reverted somewhat or perhaps fully since the hotfix. I could see the difference before because this distant “frog” (it’s not a frog up close, I’ve checked :slight_smile: ) had changed to a different rendering of the same object. It’s back now to a frog:

With it’s return (we bless you, oh holy frog) to this shape, the distance seems to be as it was prior. The drop off of quality comes later in the distance as I’d come to expect.

Edit: it looked more like a frog prior to the colour changes when it had more green and white eyes. If anyone’s wondering why I thought frog. :slight_smile: