Release 196: Meteorite Lives!


Yeah if you get hit with a slow debuff its pretty gnarly


I think that’s an excellent idea :grin: it would also be a very useful tool for miners and gathers as they try to avoid mobs, it’s not OP as you have to actively use it and it would be great for those that have very little in the way of defence and attack but still need to move around in the wild.


give 2until level 20 then one per extra level maybe with a two point stock limit


Two point stock limit seems a bit low


Not sure they death penalty was mentioned. I feel like it’s a bit to extreme for hunters. I mean in a meteor hunt. You WILL die and a lot. That could mean for most of the meteor hunt your only getting 50% xp. That’s not cool. Along with the not getting the meteor rewards if the healer can only rez so many times in so many minutes, if there is even a person that can rez. Which means rez skill should be an instant and no time penalty skill, that only cost energy. When the cutters lay down a carpet of bombs, most die.

I know it was being discussed that last part. But the death penalty feels like it should be like 25% or something. Or not apply to meteor hunts, and leave 50% outside that.


Eh its not that bad! You’re probably tackling meteors that are a bit too tough for you. I’ve been able to do them fine without dying around level 40.

The death penalty is a lot less invasive than it was before - and there’s an epic to reduce the penalty by half if you find yourself dying often, which gives you exactly what you want :slight_smile:


if you are hunting at least you gain xp fast enough, be a builder/miner and fall into lava at level 50 then you get to spend about two days (about 6 hours playing) working out the xp death penalty. . no fun at all.

And if you are a hunter then I would say you need to have this skill. But as a builder or miner, is this also really a requirement? if yes then that is 5 skill points not there for crafting or using the range of tools needed to build/mine.


I never take it as anything, but I could see the value if you are a hunter


Do the reward from the exchange count in the death dept?


I just noticed that block armor on higher level worlds is only appled to natural blocks and not to crafted ones, which is a very appreciated change for builders!

:+1: :sparkling_heart:


You most likely have never been on a 50 man hunt before. When 80 cuttles drop bombs like carpet everyone dies, and respawns, (except those that ran most of the time anyway). Before we had Zero death pen skill, so it didn’t matter much. Also before I had the Zero penalty skill, I blew over a 100k worth of gear per hunt. Good or not it only took 3-4 deaths to blow your gear.

In either case gathering or hunting, it’s a pretty serious loss. Worse for gathers. That’s A LOT of frikin blocks at 2 points per block for a thousand blocks before you get back to 4 points.


I wouldn’t know - I build tank when I am a hunter so I don’t take damage or die :man_shrugging: I don’t love the fact that you can do that, but its not exploiting anything its just the way the game works. I’d prefer if it wasn’t, oh well.

I can definitely see its value, I just haven’t ever died enough to bother with it


Yes, exchange rewards do count towards death debt @Heureka. I found out in testing when I accidentally punched a spitter :rofl:


This was the idea I just had when flying over the thread … I have the feeling that that would be enough. If you skilled wrong in a small scale here you go, if you skilled wrong big style … well … level a bit or sacrifice some cubits …

+1 for it! :wink:

PS: And on the german translation issue: For creature names I would suggest what I suggest for most other games as well: LEAVE NAMES AS THEY ARE! ^^ … and yes, Centraforge should be Centra-Schmiede … .I will check the translation when I play the next time (I usually play in english, but seems that there has to be a review on the topic of translation ^^)



How to unequip content from atlas?


It’s the X key


Thank you. Don’t it drop atlas?


No, just put your mouse over the atlas and press x and whatever resource is in should pop out so long as there’s space in your inventory.


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