Release 211 - Known Issues


Doesn’t 10k prestige automaticly make you a settlement? Or is it 100?


If your beacon has 10,000 prestige then it can become a settlement on its own yes, but most settlements are formed of many beacons, and you can even have a 0 prestige beacon within a settlement.


Thanks. Just thought I’d mention that you can just say “you need 10,000 prestige to get footfall” and leave it at that to avoid confusion, since you are automatically a settlement at that point anyway.


Unless you’re a road.


Solid point.


So the perstige update was released? I prob should log in, and see how it effected me.


Any idea when should be the next hotfix to fix footfall?


Wonder if that relates to an issue I’ve had switching from my 9th and 10th alt to my 1st or 2nd not working reliably. From world or sanctum, I end up still on the 9th or 10th unless i switch to another lower # toon then to #1 or #2

Chat in guild also seems to come from the wrong alt name when they’re all in the guild when on #2 toon. Chat was showing #10 for one guild and a different alt for second guild…


Well getting footfall now tho, a massive 1c per visitor!


Better than mine. Still have ZERO on all my beacons.


Damn a whole coins? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not checked yet, is it still broken?

I write my daily footfall since about 2 week so Ill be able to see the difference.


Every couple of hours I had 1k or more, amounted to about 10 to 15k a day on 1 beacon, since the release yesterday, the same beacon has given me 600c

So something is amiss!


Updated OP:


James… Get some sleep, will ya? I admire your dedication and thank you! But C’mon. You’ll wear yourself out. Get some rest. Tomorrow is another day. :slight_smile:


Also I have noticed that in my settlement every beacon reports the same amount of coin per visitor whether they have 11k prestige or 3 million it shows 80c per visitor…


Could have sworn this is because the town/guild prestige. Thought I saw that some where before this update came out that’s how it worked.


it’s because you are probably part of a city.

Footfall per visitor is related to the Big settlement status.


Yup I am, not sure what you mean tho? Different rules for cities?


This patch did give you the ability to get a settlement name while you enter in your plot. like it use when you entered a city, but the footfall isn’t calculated around your own plot prestige but the overall City Prestige that your are in if that makes any sense


Another words if you’re part of a big city it doesn’t matter if you have 10k or 100k prestige you both will get the same since the city is 1m prestige