Release the Hunter!


I’m anxiously waiting to be murdered continuously by the hunter!!! Release the hunter !! I’m ready, bugs or no bugs!! Content rules!! :call_me_hand:


Judging by animation made for the hunter (sorry, warp wraith), it might be heart palpitation experience for you when it eventually creeps up on you and then jumps you.

You might get a heart attack before you character dies (sorry, is defeated).


I look forwards to the fear… Like hearing the enderman noise in a dark cave in mc :laughing:


be careful what you wish for…

I hear that hunter (sorry, warp wraith) is a tricky one :wink:
more than that, it’s trickyy (for those who don’t know, trickyy is like 90 times trickier that tricky)


Hahah :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah its already tricky to rock a rhyme, now you gotta rock some mine and run…

Btw theres a very nice rendition of a name redacted on legendville mall (the side with the glass floors) if anyone wants to check it out!


No … dont release those … they are nightmares for miners


With a speed brew and gem hammer i can take out any mighty creature i find underground before they can get a shot off usually


I’ve been already owned by all the current mobs… might as well add the Hunter to the count :stuck_out_tongue:


The last few hunts have been quiet without you @DaOne82 not a single clap to be heard :laughing:


Sept 14 I arrive back in Canada… LOTS of claps have been saved for you I promise!! :blush:


@Trickyy90 preview just for you… claps appa core… lmao


Hahah, careful what i wish for, eh? :wink:
Nah, i look forwards to your return!