Remaining duration on creative testing worlds

Anyone know what this might be? Also has anyone heard if we’re getting a second/third round of creative testing worlds?


Trying to guess when it will release huh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…me too lol

Nothing as yet - I would imagine they’re determining what to do with portals and what-not before the next round of testing.

Farming took about 6 weeks after it came to first time testing. Compactness + reclaim took probably little bit longer but there were also covid coming that time :confused: .

I don’t know does world control still miss translations but earlier on 245 it was, so maybe it comes before release.

There will be another testing release at least around the portal solution. I’m not sure when it will hit. Also note they still have to release the “purchase website” and maybe a few other feature options / tweaks. On a side note, I honestly think people should stop trying to compare this release to others and the time because this is a pretty serious release and I’d expect them to take as long as they need. I know it is frustrating on not knowing when it hits but we all need this to be perfect since we won’t be wiping the worlds after a person buys them or pulling back the release.


Trust me, it’s been noted.

Hey hey, all I asked here is how much longer is left on the duration of current creative testing worlds and if there’s going to be another round :sweat_smile:. Gonna sign up if there is just to have something to explore :+1:

Maybe just wink to them to update their website too ^^.
I know you didnt meant real website but.

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