Remove The "What's New" Bar In Steam

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Here’s my guide to remove that danged bar from your library:

  1. If you don’t already have one, make a “skins” folder in your Steam install folder.

  2. Now make a folder inside that skins folder called “noWhatsNew” (or whatever, you do you, mine was MUCH more sweary :sweat_smile: ).

  3. Next you need to COPY the ‘resources’ folder (including its contents) from the main Steam install folder. So now you should have noWhatsNew\resources containing a ton of files that probably mean nothing to you!

  4. Inside that noWhatsNew\resources folder is a file called webkit.css, open that in a text editor.

  5. OK, now you can add the following code to the start of the file, and save, then close it:

    [class*="libraryhome_UpdatesContainer_17uEB"] {
      display: none !important;
  6. Now you just need to select ‘noWhatsNew’ * from the skins drop down that is in Steam’s settings\Interface section, then restart your client!

* or whatever you named your skin folder

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