-Reopened- WTB T6 3x3 High Durability hammers x 50


EDIT: due to unforeseen circumstances, half of the contract was not fulfilled so I am looking for a new supplier for the last 50 hammers. Please PM me for info/offers

Are you a master forger looking for a big contract? Look no further.

I am buying around 50 t6 hammers with 3x3 and high durability.
EDIT No quirks (With possible exception of speed increase at full HP)

Please PM me on forums or on discord “Quimby / Will#6720” for offers.


Heading off to sleep but still looking for more offers / replies!

I can give you T6 Hammers 3 by 3 with 1600/1800/2000 plus durability no quirks or debuffs. Most of them would be 1800 or 2000 plus durability. What would you pay for them?

Thanks for the offers but I have reached an agreement with @RedY3 :+1:

@Zer0 Will PM you.

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Reopened contract!