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Wow, beautiful screenshots! :+1: 1st two and the last one are my favs

I would like to see this planet without the atmosphere making it look purple though. Last picture is indeed the best one to capture the what thsi planet is really like.

btw thank you all for the lovely screenshots!

it’s a beautiful planet.
Often look at the block colours, from these posts, before I get to the planet and think I’m gonna find it a bit boring but oh boy, usually always surprised just how lovely these world are.


I can offer you 40 of the pinkish ones

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At some point the devs need to make a poll among the exos released thus far - they can even use this exoworld archive thread as inspiration. And the winners get made permanent somewhere. Cause the structures on the exoworlds all mostly put the ‘standard’ worlds to shame…

That said, has anyone found gleam in any appreciable quantity not in the ice mushrooms?

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Black goo hunt was fun and profitable! There are lots of crazy tunnels to crawl :slight_smile: And even some sort of underground railroad :steam_locomotive:


I love this particular generation quirk - all the parallel beams/bands that kinda angle downward. It’s always fun to collect plants or goo along these! I need to try and get some myself before the world goes away, just I’m behind on all the exo gathering. That, and I’m still a bit annoyed at the goo farming system in general, but that’s a whole other topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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best place to hunt !!!
it even provided me with seat and umbrella to watch the hunters under the rain :slight_smile:


Come back repeeeee you move too fast