Replacing your equipment

I died on a strange world and couldn’t find my body to reclaim my stuff so now I have no Grappling Hook, Axe, Pick, etc.

How do I replace them? I know it’s a dumb question probably, but it’s the first time I couldn’t find my stuff after dying…

Really you would just need to find some twisted timber. Once you do that throw out about 6 of them to be safe. Craft the timber into sticks and craft from there. If you head to the wiki page you can see the recipes for the items. Sticks and Stone for pickaxe,

If you are on right now head to Ruchs, go to capital and you will see me out there. I can give you all the items you need.

A lot of folks get confused at first, not exactly obvious with some combinations of ingredients. I’m hoping for some kind of memory journal to exist in the future so we don’t have to struggle to make a single item.

yeah i talked about that multiple times XD

i would still like to see something like this: