Request Basket has Sensored chat message


Hey Guys,

I think this is a newish bug, and I don’t see where someone has posted it. The Bone Request Basket in my store was sensored today by the chat filter. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought any from my basket so I’m not sure how new this bug really is. I posted a picture here of it as well. Thanks!



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Looking at the screenshot, it looks like the notification was supposed to display, “Your Bone Request Basket…” but is incorrectly censored. Thanks for the report, I’ll add it to the bug database.


This has to be the greatest one of these I’ve seen yet :joy:


What about the penny one?


You can’t be talking about bones.


Where is that request basket? Morning Wood? :grin:


I know its juvenile but it’s still funny.


The profanity filter just loves doing it’s job! But it’s maybe a little over zealous sometimes…

Please keep sharing any false positives and I’ll add them to our test cases.


Is it just me, or did you guys add a more stringent filter?

It looks like you are trying to censor double entendre, which is just silly.


It hasn’t changed.

It’s not.


Lol, not silly or not trying to censor double entendre?


When the profanity filter did the opposite of filtering profanity :joy:.
Overzealous profanity filter +1 reason to like the game :joy:


Hilarious haha. I mean, its doing its job… Bone Request Basket. Smash bone and request basket and its a bonerequest basket. Dunno what a ■■■■■ quest is but it definitely sounds like something to be censored lmao


Let’s have a little fun with this, we need a thread on game bloopers lol