Request baskets are bugged for me

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For whatever reason I can’t change coin budgets for request baskets in my aquatopia shop nor was I able to change the budget for the one I had in my desert settlement. I removed the one in my settlement and then removed the one at my aquatopia shop I used for bark… now I can’t change budgets to any of the request baskets.

Is this some sort of bug? @james @luke-turbulenz Any clue what is causing this?


Nevermind, the problem seemed to fix itself. Still might be something to look into.


It happened to me, I thought, when I placed a request basket next to a storage container. Did you do this, at all?
I also removed the block underneath the one that bugged out, so that could have been it, or it could have been totally random.


No, it was on a Plith.

Oddly enough I just went on to do other things and it seemed to “fix” itself. I have no idea how it even happened to begin with. It just… did.

Kind of a strange bug.