Request for water cubes that allow us to create water

I didn’t know where I should request this so I put the request here. Can you give me water blocks- dont know the name of them but they allow you to create water where you want ? I love crafting with water and discovered you have placed this in game … .can you hand me a few pls ?

I’ll refer you to @James for that, he’s got the goods, if you’ve got the money ;V

Msg me next time you’re online with your current world and position coordinates. Assuming I’m online I can hit you up.


Lotad = world
-384.73 , 129.90 , -693…92 = position

On now time is 6:38 pm eastern time
Man I love your fast replies guys … impresses me everytime

thank you … got them :slight_smile:

I died could i have lava and water again sry … :frowning: same cordinates thnk you
time is 7:12 pm eastern

im on oort online right now time 7:13 pm eastern time

not on atm be on later

will come back and reply here when back on oort

I uh , died. Heh, woops could you bring me more water/lava blocks sry. time is 8:09 pm eastern time


it would be annoying for them

As I work with him, I know that he has set his home there, but was dabbling with lava or was out and about, which made tracking his personal belongings difficult. Not everyone has an eidetic memory, and even more have trouble identifying landmarks in the wild, so tracking where you died isn’t always possible. I don’t experience this personally, but maybe I’m just a special snowflake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But, @LOLROCKN, remember you can pm him over using forum, it’s more efficient as he doesn’t need to go scrolling through the text.

i mean if you know where your home is from teh capitol when you die you still have a chance to set a new home to get your stuff

for example i have 2 main worlds, the city im building is as follows, keep following the open valleys until you reach a entrance.

on gasan, if i leave my island i remember whcih direction i came from then head back

And that’s what I consider basic pathfinding, but it’s based on your sense of direction, some people have it better off than others in this aspect; as my example: I’ve lost all my stuff in a sandbox game twice, in counting out of countless deaths, every other time I have easily backtracked, regardless of my respawn area.

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another way is to screenshot co ords of your home and then set your home when you die so you can pick things up.

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Online at the moment if you need something.

I am on now 8:05 pm eastern time … what did you mean pm them ? need lava water thanks

water is acting weird when you let it go over an object and drop to ground below… it s repeating shade effects in water when it shouldnt … bug my home in sky above cords given … you cansee this in effect … at waterfall… put path under it

should there be birds that attack us to ? just idea
im still on by the way