Request to Our Sweeeeet Devs :D


Hi all.

A little request please :stuck_out_tongue:

Was wondering if by any random chance, we can get a black gleam exo planet before i (and everyone else) go on and change our glass windows.

Here is a comparison between white and black gleam panes. While white is nice, it is a little too opaque compared to black.


Better, can we haz Gleambowz soon ?:3


How bought a planet just made out of gleam. Trees are brown n green gleams. Mud is red gleams soil are browns and rocks are uhhh well you get the gist of it.


I’m in agreement. Hit the red button devs! :red_circle:

Edit: make it a mountain of it and free earthyams for all :red_circle::red_circle:


In honor of the window pane patch of course! Planet Gleamous is definitely needed.


I would maybe even log in for more than a few minutes if it happened. :sweat_smile:


The latest t5 just dropped dark turquoise, have you tried that one?


Not yet but i want to try it because the wall in the pic is dark turquoise so it might go well with it.


Heres one we have all been waiting for for way too long a pure earthyam exo \ ^_ ^ /


… And plentiful gleam. :wink: You know… not to be greedy, but you don’t ask for immortality without also eternal youth to go with it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Otherwise the Grand Oorts smite us miserable citizens for the audacity of our plea with like two pieces buried in the netherworld of the exo somewhere.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Youve had bad experiences with wishes coming true i can tell :joy::joy::joy:.


+1 bucfan keepin it real


Hehe, well that was maybe a little :smiling_imp: of me. :wink:

We could try another approach to placate them so they grant us a boon - bribery. After all, I know they work very hard for us, we citizens should show proper gratitude… so I’m thinking a bunch of :beer::beers::beer::beers::tropical_drink:s as an offering?


I can hear the devs thinking!

“They want a new boon! One new boon added to all tools for Effect and Special, muahahahaha”

Speaking off which tho, how about another boon on a lucent chisel:
Gleam transformation!
Turns any block into gleam and keeping the colour…



I want gleam glasses
When I equip them everyone’s gleam looks like deco stone :wink:


Wait until you read this… how about fluorescent water? xD You mix gleam + water = fluorescent water >:D.


Want \ o_o /


They could do random gleambow weekends here and there.


great post, @RedY3…have been thinking the exact same thing.
Come on devs, get it over with and give us a black gleam exoworld!
You have already granted us the much requested white wood, but now it’s time to let us fully explore the potential of ze black gleam.


Only issue with gleambow imo is that it doesnt give enough gleam colors for mass production. Otherwise its awesome.