Request to see Builds incorporating Tangle

I’d like to make a request from those in the community who have incorporated tangle in to their builds. We put a wall together the other day and really enjoyed it’s pattern but can’t help it’s make a better ceiling or floor.

It’s an uncommon block it feels like, but hopefully some out there have incorporated it in some cool builds.

If you have used it and have screens of it, it’d be nice to see!

Ceiling! The texture blending with the right lighting is fantastic. To find a great example go to dub-t (a portal can be found via the all block shop on the stone display floor).

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Thanks, I’ll check it later this morning!

Haha, thanks for the plug bob. Yes I like to use this block rather alot since I fell in love with the way it blends into others. Have used it in ceilings and behind signage for a little added effect. I even went so far as to buy all the gleambow tangle I have come across in shop stands.

So yes you can access Dub-T via the All Block Shop. Or via PS Boori through my shop “The Reclusive Kiwi”

And I believe it was the Legendary Hub that I saw a very cool sculpture made from tangle if you go looking through there.

I got a chance to stop by and look real quick. It’s very nice, the gleam does really ‘set it off’.

if i could buy somewhere a lot off orange/earthly toned tangle
i get it and use around the new farm project

I’ll have a look at what I have when I get home from work and let you know. Earthly could be a challenge as it tends to come in quite vibrant colours but I may have a few hundred of a mustard colour I got from one of the Exos

I know you’ve already been for a visit and seen what I’ve done but just to perhaps inspire others to use tangle in their builds here’s some screenshots.

Behind signs:

In the ceiling:

And this is the build I originally stumbled upon which inspired me to play around with it (located in the Waterfront Outlets):


Have only used it in a couple of places.
Have had difficulty thinking a case where it could be used in large quantities but would totally be interested in seeing somewhere that has.