While mining I see a lot of blocks reserved by people. What does that actually mean and what is the etiquette? I hate passing on some of those resources but occasionally I need them. Thanks for your help and I still love this game!


In Boundless, when you claim a plot, it reserves mantle (bedrock) to the highest point in the sky in that chunk, so only the player who reserved it can place plots there.

When a block says, "Reserved by “INSERT USERNAME HERE”, all it’s saying is you can’t place your own plot in that chunk. A player has already plotted in that chunk somewhere above or below you on the Y axis. You can still gather resources in those unclaimed, but reserved plots, and they will still regenerate.


Thanks I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking resources from someone without compensation or compromising


All resource gathering in reserved areas is legit. Just so long as you’re not completely digging out an area under someone’s build so they can accidentally fall through and die :wink:
Also it’s just good etiquette to not dig up dig areas for silty soil etc or chop down trees right next to someone’s build.


I have been reading about the griefing and haven’t seen any of that yet in the game. I have only run into very helpful folks


But we need glass and wood to sell… How can we mass sell a product, if we aren’t allowed to mass collect said product too? Our customers demand products and you say we can’t deliver it?!

-ps- I don’t sell wood or soil, just playing devils advicate.


Simple, you walk away from someone’s build and do it. . Why do you have to collect resources on the plots right next to another persons build? There are over 311,000 plots on the surface of a planet so that should not be an issue.


Because it’s not in a plot, thus not protected, and would regen back every… what was it, 4 hours for world regen?

If people didn’t want us destroying the trees, they should have added them to their plots. Just saying.


So in a busy, well traveled areas they will not regen, so that is an invalid argument. Look at the areas around portals. Even with the changes to regen times (which is good), many see enough traffic that they will never regen. People play at all times all over the world so thinking every spot is empty for 4 hours is probably not true.

As far as the rest, that is the reason people want to rent planets so they can preserve the area around them without having to waste plots. It will keep other players from destroying the areas around their builds.


The thing is, if you dig out the land right by someone’s front door, thus preventing them from gaining access to their build, it could be considered griefing.

The post was also about good etiquette- treat others as you would want to be treated. If in doubt about what that means, it’s worth taking a read of the Boundless Code of Conduct

Why play devils advocate when you can play Boundless :wink:


But… That’s the point of plots. If you own the plot, you can do whatever you want. But if you don’t own the plot, ANYONE can come over and do whatever they want.

I’m not talking about Griefing tho. I’m talking about ‘I go out of a portal into a whole new world, make it to the edge of town, and right on the border of town are a bunch of trees not owned by anyone’. Why can we NOT just go chop down all that wood, RIGHT THERE, and just go home quickly? Why must we go out 300-1000+ blocks away to the next closest forest to get wood, then slowly make our way back to our home to use it?

The same with silty soil. I can understand not right up to the guys door to prevent him from going in or not. Not advocating Griefing. But if he’s on flat land in a small 6x6x6 plot. Are you saying we aren’t allowed to dig up the other 50x50 area to his right? or left? Especially if there is a portal nearby?

Cause in most situations, it’s a good thing. It adds other perspectives into another way of looking at a situation, to show there isn’t always 1 way of looking at things, and what they are viewing might not be best or easiest way to do things.

An example, giving towns the option to ‘protect’ 1-2 plots outside them on the surface, without needing to own it. But people can still build and destroy what they build in the ‘protected’ area, and claim it as their own like normal. Just can’t destroy the trees, grass, or top layer of ground. Just an idea to be examined and expanded on by others.


When it comes to soils or rock I just dig a little hole with either a torch or a save entrance (meaning not a pit to fall in) and try to keep the gathering underground to not spoil the view. It’s just as easy and no one has to look at ugly terrain :stuck_out_tongue:


You are right in that it is allowed in the game mechanics and that is exactly what a lot of people do. I prefer to take the viewpoint of how I would like to be treated and put myself in the other person shoes of how would I feel if someone did this near me. I like to think, rightly or wrongly, that my moral compass is relatively well centred and therfore if it feels wrong don’t do it and respect you’re neighbours, even if they aren’t right next to you. If we all have some consideration for each other then that to me is Boundless.


You are right is it the game mechanic. Does that make the person lazy to dig up the land around someone’s build when there is dirt covering 1/2 the planet? Or rude to take down trees within two plots of someone’s house? I it does


That’s funny, calling a person that does that lazy, when you’re pretty much begging for an AH system in the game in a different thread, because you can’t get out of your house and walk the distances to a portal system and check the shops there.

You want a shortcut in one situation, but in another situation that has a shortcut you call them lazy and want to force them to walk farther along.

You can’t seem to make up your mind on how lazy you want to be, which is why I gave, in both this and the AH thread, a middle ground that compromises in the middle for both sides.

Namely in this one, I suggested that a town, based on how big it is, can have a ‘Protected bubble’ X plots away from the town where people can’t break the ground, grass, or trees.

But you seemed to have skipped over that suggestion.


It depends, doesn’t it? In the example Jirodyne gave earlier about getting to the end of a settlement/city, I might not consider it lazy to grab some trees/dirt there at the edge. Settlements are already getting large enough that it can take quite a bit of time to get from a portal hub to land where resources can be gathered at all.

On the other hand, if someone has a build in the middle of no-where and someone decides to dig all the dirt or trees right next to that build … yeah, that’s pretty inconsiderate.


Wow and you are the one that called people lazy for not wanting to wander the planets looking for stuff.

Your statment
“If you’re too lazy to go searching for a shop for better deals,”

So why is not walking another minute not lazy but not wanting to wandering the universe looking for something is?


One thing to consider: large settlements are still made up of a bunch of people’s individual builds. The people with builds at the edge of town will still be impacted by clearing out trees/soil right next to their build. It can be annoying to navigate, be an eyesore, etc.

@GreyArt247 and @Kal-El are suggesting that it’s good etiquette to travel a bit further away before gathering those blocks.

You’re free to ignore that advice, and instead gather right at the edge of the plots (as long as not griefing)—but you should also expect some people in those builds to be somewhat annoyed/unhappy with it.


Dang I didn’t realize people were that passionate! I’m just talking about being underground and seeing stuff. I try to avoid it because if you look hard enough you can find the same resources elsewhere. Please be kind to one another and enjoy the heck out of this game like I do


That’s a fair point. And if we are talking etiquette, I quite agree. It was the accusations of laziness that were being thrown back and forth that I wanted to chime in against.