Reserved Land by Wild?


I have been running into something lately I don’t understand. I’m getting used to the “Reserved” areas and accidentally even made some myself. But, the last few days I keep mining or gathering in places where it says it is “reserved” but apparently reserved by “Wild” as in not owned by anyone. What’s up with that?


It means you are a bit too far from the actual owned plots to see who has reserved them. As you move closer you finally will see a name. I am not sure at what distance this happens but it really isn’t wild. At least as far as I can tell that is what is happening.


The character who has the land reserved is named ‘Wild’.


I know the character name is not Wild. First, it’s in the desert and easy to see who is there and there has never been anyone with that name. Two, it has the same symbol as any other place that is simply Wild.


If it’s from a distance then I know who reserved them. That would be me. lol There was only one other possibility and that was someone a couple plots away who has a different name. I’m further, but, have a lot of plots in the area and not far away I know it says it’s reserved by my builder character. Thanks @Xaldafax that makes sense.


You made my day. :joy:


Yeah I think it is to do with the new settlement boundaries. There is a small area around each settlement which protects it from merging. I think, don’t quote me.

It could well be above or below you too, and hard to spot where the actual beacon is, as that will still have the safe area around it.


There was a character named ‘Nature’ that people used to get confused about, but I misremembered the name.